Me at logtoberfest, playing with my favorite kind of dog... pug!

My name is Kara Merritt. I am attending Cal Poly Humboldt as an Environmental Science Major with an emphasis on energy and climate change. I am originally from San Diego,CA and hope to go back after I graduate which will be next year (2012)! I am getting into my upper division classes and ready to learn more about future technology.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Making homes more energy efficent.
  • Biofuel
  • Water supply/ Sanitation

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Composting
  • Sewing and putting patches on torn clothes
  • Labs in Environmental Science classes. We did stream assessments, measuring height and width of trees, measuring amount of sunlight and more.

Discussion[View | Edit]

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