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Water Analysis for Yearling Ponds One and Two[edit | edit source]

The information on this page is credited to Dr. George Allen of the Fisheries Dept. from a study done in 1990.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The effluent entering the ponds from wastewater has been both disinfected and dechlorinated.
  • During the winter months the pond never gets below 7o c.

Statistics for the Ponds[edit | edit source]

  • mean temp= 10.5o c for pond one and 10.5o c for pond two
  • salinity (ppt)= 12.7 for pond one and 13.6 for pond two
  • pH 7.7 and 8.0
  • Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) is 8.8 and 10.7
  • Clarity (cm) with use of the secki disc 90+ and 70+ for pond two.
  • Pond one is said to be cleaner than pond two because of the higher population of phytoplankton in pond two.
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