Cheap home made water filter.

Dirty water is a big problem for most households in this world. But with a 20 litre bucket or plastic jerry can some clean cloth and 5 kgs of cleaned sand you can make a household water filter.

  • First punch lots of holes in the bottom of your container in one corner, using a medium to large sized nail or power drill.
    • Next, place the doubled over cloth inside over the top of the holes so as to stop the sand excaping out through the holes.
      • Now wash about 10kgs of river or beach sand many times until you have washed away all the impurities. Usually you will loose 50% of the sand in the washing process.
        • Add the sand until the bucket/jerry can is half full.

          Place the bucket/jerry can on top of your tank or water storage container.
          Now pour the dirty water in on top of the sand. It will filter through and come out clean at the bottom and run into your large storge container.
          You might be in a situation where you can trickle the dirty water in 24 hours a day from a hose pipe.
          When the sand is dirty and full of impurities you can wash it clean and use it over again.

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