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Completed 2007
Instance of folding arm lamp
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3rd World Arm Lamp 2007 model

This new type of adjustable stand of the 3rd world arm lamp has a rope for keeping a parallelogram construction in a stable position. Also the new stand has a counterpoise or counterweight that can be pushed along and turned around the standard and which is connected via a rope to the protruding part of the longest arm. The movement of the protruding part of the longest arm is not limited by a stop.

The hinge point is preferably subjected to friction and/or is preferably provided with a nut and bolt to make the adjustment of the parallelogram construction stiffer. Otherwise the adjustment of the parallelogram construction would be too weak, which is undesirable.

This new stand is characterized by the parallelogram construction which can be turned around a vertical axis, in which the fulcrum is near the point where the parallelogram construction is hinged on the standard. This puts less strain on the turning axis than would be the case if it were lower down. The position of the weight is very near the ground, this makes the new type of stand more stable than known stands.

The wooden material is cheaper in cost to make and the wooden material is better at isolating electricity.

Other names for arm lamp are: adjustable arm lamp, anglepoise lamp, architects lamp, articulated arm lamp,desklamp, Bench Lamp ,floating arm lamp, jacob jacobsen lamp, swing arm lamp, pivottable arm lamp, Arm System lamp, Task lamp, Multi-directional light, Gravity balancing lamp

Other names for a big arm lamp are: max lamp, Lightweight long arm lamp, max reach arm lamp,

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Disadvantages of the known balancing systems[edit | edit source]

metal lamp electric shock

Disadvantages of construction shape.

  • Matching narrow openings were human fingers can be trapped.
  • a swinging counter balance can be dangerous
  • The vertical movement of the arm is limited by two stops
  • Center of gravity is high.
  • The total weight is high.
  • This makes the stand less stable.
  • some lamps need to be clamp to a object like a table to be stable
  • Some metal lamps needed springs.
  • Springs are difficult and expensive to get, The springs can trap the user's skin or hair.
  • The springs are difficult to clean.
  • The springs can make unwanted noise.
  • The springs have a limited stretched length.
  • The stand has limited vertical movement.
  • There is a big moment force on the base.
  • the construction needs to be stronger and more heavy
  • The stand is less stable.

Disadvantages of Metal Material

  • The parts haves a complex form
  • The metal is difficult to shape with simple tools.
  • The metal is difficult to repair with simple tools.
  • Metal conducts electricity.
  • Metals can have sharp edges.
  • Sharp edges can cut the wiring.
  • Sharp edges can cut the human.

Advantages of Wooden Lamp Stands[edit | edit source]

Advantages of construction shape. On first sight the world arm lamp look strange, but technically seen dis model haves a lot of benefits.

  • The construction is as simple possible, and does not go to expenses of the quality and the ease of use.
  • The counter balance keeps the stand stable and balance the parallelogram.
  • The counter balance can be a battery or other object.
  • This stand can fold small for transportation.
  • The arms are smooth to adjust.
  • Can lift more weight and can have longer arms in proportion to the total weight.
  • The movement positions are not limited.
  • Center of gravity is low.
  • The stand is stable.
  • The stand does not need a heavy foot
  • The foot does not need a very horizontal surface
  • The total weight is very low com pair with spring lamp with heavy foot.

Advantages of wooden material

  • Wood is easy to shape and repair with simple tools
  • Wood is easy to find
  • Wood Does not conduct electricity.
  • Wood haves les sharp edges.

Measurements[edit | edit source]

How does it work/ physics basics[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia:Classical mechanics

We define the turning effect with the equation:

Moment = Force × Perpendicular distance from the pivot

Since force is measured in newtons (N) and distances in metres (m) the unit for a moment is the newton-metre (Nm).

Moments can act in two ways: clockwise or anticlockwise. Force × distance = Moment = Force × distance 1Kg = 10 (N) newtons

Force × distance + Force × distance = Moment = Force × distance
Newtons(N) × metres (m) Newtons (N) × metres (m) = newton-metre (Nm) = Newtons (N) × metres (m)

lamp cap


lamp cap




middle arm

on the pivot distance

counter balance


counter balance

high reach 4 N × 1 m 2 N × 0.5 m = 5 (Nm) = 0.125 m × 40 N
Lang reach 4 N × 1.5 m 2 N × 0.75 m = 7.5 (Nm) = 0.187 m × 40 N
reach 4 N × 1.4 m 2 N × 0.70 m = 7 (Nm) = 0.175 m × 40 N
Low reach 4 N × 900 m 2 N × 0.45 m = 4.5 (Nm) = 0.112 m × 40 N
tools to use

Tools to make a balance stand[edit | edit source]

beech wood
  • (Handmade) Wood turning machine or wood cutting knife. See [[Wikipedia:Wood turning]
  • Wood rasp
  • Sharp knife
  • Screwdrivers some sizes
  • Hand drill
  • Hammer
  • Hand wood saw
  • Metal saw hacksaw.gif
  • Glue
  • Measure tool
  • Brace and bit or drill with bits of different sizes
  • Sandpaper

Wood to make a balance stand[edit | edit source]

There are some small part wood with a tree icon, use wood that does not split easily.

wood like:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beech wood

Rubber tree wood,

It is possible to use good quality plywood for these parts

plywood like

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birch plywood

Wood quality.png

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