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242 OSH Science project 2017

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Hotend.JPG This page is part of a Principia course ENGR242: 3-D Printing Technology

Please leave comments using the discussion tab. The course runs in the Spring semester. It is not open edit.


  1. Identify scientific/engineering lab need on campus for a 3D printable substitute for existing or planned purchase
  2. Meet with users to determine exact needs/acquire funds/components for multipart equipment
  3. Design 3D printable components with OS CAD packages
  4. Open NIH 3DP account and post STL under the custom labware section, include all source files from OS CAD package, BOM, directions, explanation of what it is and a price estimate for a commercial equivalent (may also post on your Appropedia page)
  5. Print component and bring to class
  6. Add picture and link to NIH in gallery and "savings per replica" and a hyperlink to cost source on Appropedia below.

List of projects and people[edit]

  • project name, ~~~~ to sign it
  • Laser blocker stand, Alex.weitman , Alex Weitman. Created for: Grant Larsen
  • Test tube rack (medium size), Hschabes , Haley Schabes. Created for: Brian Kamusinga.
  • Test tube rack (large size), Ebumba , Emily Bumba. Created for: Brian Kamusinga.
  • The Tower of Hanoi Model for Computer Science department, KirillKudaev, Kirill Kudaev. Created for: Tom Fuller.
  • DSLR camera adapter for astronomy telescope, User:Thebcm27, Bjorn Mathisen. Created for: Steve Ward
  • Optics Lab switch cover, Limitless285, Luke Shaw. Created for: Grant Larson
  • Maple Tree Tap, Kentresting, Kent Heckel. Created for: John Loveseth
  • LCD Display Backing, Megandersen, Meg Andersen, Created for: Brian Kamusinga
  • Magnetic Circular Physics Instrument Slice, Rdbutler3, Robby Butler. Created for: Grant Larsen
  • Battery cell holder for solar car Forest.andresen, Forest Andresen, made for John Broer
  • Principia College Terrain Tomsmusts, Toms Musts, made for John Lovseth
  • Footstop for longboard Cedartree, Cedar Brumm. Created for Cedar Brumm


Add your image and hyperlink to the gallery below using the example format.

OSH from 2017 ENGR242 Class
Telescope adapter for cannon dlsr,NIH Link, $89.99,[13], cost to print $3 filament costs, giving a savings of $86.99  
Battery module holder for solar car,[14], This would cost $108.13 from a custom fabrication house, which is where it would need to come from.  
Safety Switch Cover,Commercial Equiv., $17.48 w shipping, giving a savings of $17.44  
Small Test Tube Holder,NIH Link, An epoxy wire rack that holds 36 tubes costs $32. [16]. This print cost approximately $5.73, so it would save you $26.27  
Large Test Tube Holder,Holder, This was offered at $29.99 from Amazon making the savings being $23.60 plus time savings  
Math Modeling Manipulative - Tower of Hanoi, [17], $19.50 on Amazon and about $1.20 of filament here  
Maple Tree Tap,$3.80 per Spile with tubing and filter attached so not much cost savings here