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Toms Musts was born November 10th, 1994 in Aluksne, Latvia. Toms is currently a student at Principia studying Business Administration with a strong interest in marketing.

3D Printing[edit | edit source]

Toms is very new to 3D printing. His first encounter was in January 2017, when he joined a 3D Printing class at Principia. The first assignment of the class was to build a JellyBox printer. Toms made his first 3D prints only recently in February on his own printer.

Education[edit | edit source]

Toms went to a high school in his hometown in Latvia. He decided to pursue a college degree in the United States right after high school. Throughout his college experience, Toms has been a part of successful projects and involved himself in various extracurricular activities. From internships to highly successful and profitable business projects, Toms has experience in product development, writing, graphic design, and management. This year Toms is also serving as the Chairman of the Speakers Committee for America's longest student-run conference -- Public Affairs Conference at Principia College.

Open Source[edit | edit source]

"Open Source gives people a chance to join a creative and selfless community that works together for a common goal. It's amazing to me how it fosters a non-competitive atmosphere. People aren't going up against one another so there is no sabotaging, patenting or hiding information. Prints, ideas, designs, tutorials are all shared for everyone to use, and then people have the ability to build upon that knowledge. Building a JellyBox printer has been very fun and exciting. It teaches the process and the science behind 3D printing. And the sense of accomplishment after successfully building my own was amazing! This will definitely not be the last time I encounter 3D printing. It is a very fun and practical hobby that can lead to various exciting opportunities!" -Toms Musts

My Stuff[edit | edit source]

Picture Description Something else
Hotend.JPG Extruder and hot end used for my JellyBox Cool!
Vertical Print Test.png Vertical print test results. Minimech Project - Testing max tensile and elongation
Horizontal Print Test.png Horizontal print test results. Minimech Project - Testing max tensile and elongation
Lenscap.JPG A little lens cap print
PacMan rockwall.png Pacman Rock Wall Hold Designed using SketchUp
Terrain Progress.png Principia 3D Terrain Progress Designed using Blender; NIH Upload: https://3dprint.nih.gov/discover/3dpx-004768
Toms Musts Spork.png OSAT Project - Spork Spork designed using Blender!

Videos[edit | edit source]

Coming Soon

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