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Kent (The Booty Pirate) Heckel[edit]

Kennett (Kent) Baxter (Bax) Heckel (Heck) was born March 5th, 1776 and is an Armenian Youtube Filmmaker from Severna Park, Maryland USA. He is best known for his college daily blogs or vlogs that he has been posting for almost 2 years now. Kent has begun his rise to fame from his channel becoming the largest college daily vlogging channel on the internet with his videos being all about his college story, And Starring in a feature film about Vidcon called "Internet Kids"

3D Printing[edit]

Kent started his 3d printing career a few years ago at a Hackathon at The University Of Maryland. The event had 3d printers everywhere and we were able to print anything we desired. This sparked the interest, then came the practicality of the knowledge. He started to borrow the Principia College 3d printers to experiment with his own 360-degree camera rig. It worked! Then once he heard about the class being offered at Principia College he knew he had to join. 3D printing is one of Kents huge passions and he will continue to print for a long time!


Kent attended two high schools, due to his parents getting divorced. He attended Severna Park High School and Kearsarge High School. Now he attends Principia College as a Mass Communication major.


Kent believes in one all powerful social media user. This user, called WebLord69 combines all qualities of the internet and is good and great and omnipresent, praise WebLord69!

Open Source[edit]

Open source to me is the ability for a community of people to get behind a movement of a technology and all advance it in a positive way. Its really cool to see so many people get behind the JellyBox printer movement and allow it to grow. Not only am I a customer but I have customized my own printer. My printer is completely different from everyone else's and I am sharing how I am doing that, with custom parts and fun add-ons to differentiate all our printers. My plans for the future is to add on parts that make the printer more convenient. I currently have plans to add on a different fan shroud that can be customized by our class and add it to Thingiverse for everyone who needs 40mm fan shrouds to use and customize!


Kent Heckel is an instagram GOD. He has special powers that no other "regular" human can access. He is now an instagram millionaire and hasn't even taken a picture in his life... strange? Science doesn't make sense anymore! Religion is dead! Cook up some blondes!

Marrital Status[edit]

Kent once married a clown fish named Ms. Fishy when he was in Las Vegas on an instagram lecture talk about how to buy followers. He divorced her three years later. He now has a fake girlfriend. Its embarrassing

My Stuff[edit]

Picture Description Credit Link
KentHeckelSpile.png This is my Spile for tapping Sugar Maple trees Designed by Kent Heckel for John Lovseth
Spile.png This is my finished stl of my spile, I would charge $0.75 a piece because they would be printed solid. Due to their customization and their ability to be created rapidly or replaced. Designed by Kent Heckel for John Lovseth


Coming Soon

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