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Name Alex W
Affiliations The Principia
Interests 3D printing, OSH
Groups 242-2017 People
Courses ENGR242
Registered 2017
Impact 533
Contributions Alex Weitman OSAT Project
Jellybox improvement based on 35. Transforming physical or chemical states
  • My name is Alex and I am a junior student at Principia College studying Business Administration and Spanish. I am a collegiate athlete and involved in many extracurriculars. I joined this 3D printing class because I wanted to challenge myself while also getting to learn about 3D printing and being able to print cool and useful objects.
  • Being able to participate in the Open Source movement is really significant because I am able to share information at incredible speeds as well as learn from others and benefit from each other. It is really nice not having to worry about infringing on Copyright laws, but more important than that is that I can be free to share whatever I want, and of course for me, this information will definitely be for the educational benefit of others. I cannot wait until I learn how to create my own designs and share them with the world. When I first began building my printer, I was astounded by how much I was learning in such a small period of time! I felt like I knew so much about 3D printers and how to make something complex on my own. In the future, I will definitely use my printer as often as I can and for the betterment of society if possible, even if in a small way. I may even use it in my future career somehow.

Demo stuff[edit | edit source]

TentStakeOSAT.png OSAT Project I designed a tent stake that has a bigger head for better hammering as well as a point at the end to penetrate the ground and twisting into the ground for pitching a tent.
Final Printed Laser Blocker Stand.jpeg Cad Dwg of Science Eqpt - Final Print (3/31/17) This is the final print for the laser blocker stand for Dr. Grant Larsen. Cost Savings Note: The metal version of this costs $5.86. This print used 2.13 meters of PLA filament, which costed $0.22, which saved $5.64, or 96.2% of the original cost. This is definitely worth it.
Celtic Box.JPG Celtic Object Print Project (3/13/17) I designed and printed a box with a lid with a Celtic knot imbedded into the sides of the box. It has feet on the bottom of the box to prop it up from beneath it, giving the box with lid a more regal stature. I used some of my new filament!
Hotend.JPG The Printer - Extruder and hot end This is where the magic happens.
Horizontalcouponcoarse.JPG Coupon Print (3/5/17) 1/3 horizontal coupons tested in the tensile tester. This one is coarse strength.
Horizontalcouponmedium.JPG Coupon Print 2 (3/5/17) 2/3 horizontal coupon tested in the tensile tester. This one is medium strength.
Horizontalcouponfine.JPG Coupon Print 3 3/3 horizontal coupon tested in the tensile tester. This one is fine strength. (This one was the strongest)
Verticalcouponcourse.JPG Coupon Print 4 1/3 vertical coupon tested in tensile tester. This one is coarse strength.
Verticalcouponmedium.JPG Coupon Print 5 2/3 vertical coupon tested in tensile tester. This one is medium strength.
Verticalcouponfine.JPG Coupon Print 6 3/3 vertical coupon tested in tensile tester. This one is fine strength.
Octoarmphoneholder.png Thingiverse print (2/17/2017) Octo arm phone holder!
Oldandnewfanmount.JPG Jelly Box Print (2/15/2017) My fan mount broke, so I printed a new one!
Combandpizza.jpeg My first two Thingiverse prints! (2/11/2017) Veggie pizza and Mulan's comb!
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