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File:DSCF1875.JPG| [[UABJO Demonstration Wetland Wastewater Treatment, Reclamation, and Outreach]] in Oaxaca, Mexico.
File:100 2070.JPG| [[Terraces and Ditches at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2214.JPG| [[Ecological dry toilets at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2096.JPG| [[Micro filter dams at Pedregal]]  in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2499.JPG|[[Hydroponic Vertical Garden at Sembradores Urbanos]]in Mexico City
File:100 2497.JPG| [[Raised Beds at Sembradores Urbanos]] in Mexico City
File:RainCatchmentSloped_Terrain&Stormwater.jpg| [[Rainwater catchment at Pedregal]]  in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2142.JPG| [[Reforestation at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico
File:100 2112.JPG| [[Ceiling insulation out of recycled Tetra pack at Pedregal]] in Oaxaca, Mexico.
File:Casa de Maria Luisa.jpg|[[Rainwater catchment at Isla Urbana]] in Mexico City.
File:100 2486.JPG|[[Worm bin at Sembradores Urbanos]]in Mexico City
File:100 2516.JPG|[[Mini urban greenhouse for seed germination]]in Mexico City
File:100 2495.JPG|[[Polyculture Planting at Sembradores Urbanos]] in Mexico City
Image:SS06 Cutting With Mari.jpg|'''[[UTC Solar Distiller]]''': Building a prototype solar distiller in Parras, Coahuila México.
Image:Cutting adobe.jpg|'''[[DIF Adobe Senior Center]]''': Building an Adobe senior center in Parras, Coahuila México.
Image:Hotel-perote-project-thumb.jpg|'''[[Hotel Perote Solar Pool Heating System]]''': Solar hot water system for a hotel pool in Parras, Coahuila México.
Image:2005 zaragoza system.jpg|'''[[Zaragoza Solar Hot Water System]]''': Solar hot water system for a residence in Parras, Coahuila México.
File:SDC11427.JPG|[[Biodigester follow up and maintenance with IRRI]] in Puebla, Mexico.
File:100 2546.JPG|[[Biodigester Effluent Fertilizer Quality Testing with IRRI]], in Mexico city
File:100 2428.JPG|[[Rainwater quality testing with Isla Urbana]] in Mexico City
Image:BricelandFinal.jpg|'''[[Briceland PV]]''': 960W photovoltaic installation in Briceland, CA.
Image:Finalcobbbench(6).jpg|'''[[Bloomfield Cobb Bench]]''': A cobb bench at Bloomfiled Elementary School in Arcata, CA.
Image:Aleiha_dish.jpg|'''[[Aleiha's parabolic solar cooker]]''': A very hot parabolic solar cooker.
Image:IMG_6743.JPG|'''[[Argentina photovoltaic]]''': A small photovoltaic system for a [[natural building]]/permaculture institute in Central Argentina.
Image:Cs-sfd-Bananas.jpg|'''[[Chris's ENGR305 Solar Food Dehydrator]]''': A hybrid solar food dehydrator, that adheres to as many of the principles of modern food dehydration.
Image:Fin2.jpg|'''[[CCAT's Vermicomposting Bin]]''': Beautiful, pentagonal, Douglas Fir worm bin.
Image:Coop.jpg|'''[[Tire shingles]]''': Roof shingles made from old racing slicks.
Image:Set - 3 003.jpg|'''[[CCAT's Living Roof]]''': A living roof for CCAT's Earthen Oven.
Image:Solarmowerleft.jpg|'''[[Solar Charged Lawnmower]]''': Converting a very used gas power lawnmower into a solar charged, low emission, almost silent, lawn cutting machine.
Image:AEFfill.jpg|'''[[AEF greywater]]''': Recreating a failing greywater marsh at the Arcata Educational Farm.
Image:Bike_Plow_Daveplow2s.JPG|'''[[Bike snow plow]]''': A retractable snow plow for a bike.
Image:6 OccidentalGwTreatmentTanksBubbles.JPG|'''[[Occidental greywater]]''': A five stage, activated sludge greywater system in drums.
Image:Sunny-brae-yurt-covering4.jpg|'''[[Sunny Brae Yurt]]''': Building yurt to brave Humboldt's winter.  Arcata, CA.
Image:Bpack_bike_trailer_-_demo_1.jpg|'''[[Backpack frame bike trailer]]''': [[User:Big Russ|Big Russ]] towing one of the least-expensive bike trailer designs out there built from an old backpack-frame.
Image:Kivagreenhouse1 (45).jpg|'''[[Kiva’s straw bale greenhouse]]''': Year round veggies in a homemade, just under the permitting limit, strawbale greenhouse.
Image:Erssons cistern.jpg|'''[[Ersson rainwater harvest and purification (original)]]''': Rainwater catchment and purification system, at less than $1500
Image:Lalagrima.jpeg|'''[[Greywater Ecuador La lagrima purificadora]]''': Greywater in an Ecuadorian seed saving center.
Image:SJsolar03.jpg|'''[[Photovoltaic_system_at_St._Jude%27s_church]]''': St. Jude's Church, Cupertino, CA
Image:openstreetmap icon.png|'''[[Openstreetmap]]''' <br>Copyright free <br>Map Making
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== Create a project page ==
It is highly encouraged to tag your projects with their status -- you can do this with a few templates.
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==Project Ideas==
If you are looking for ideas for your own project, check our [[:Category:Suggested projects | Suggested Projects]]
== External links ==
* - Various appropriate technology projects, such as rainwater catchment, composting, natural building, etc.
* EWB-USA projects page

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