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Authors Masaki Ogasawara
Keisuke Tsukada and Erika Mikami
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Type Project
Keywords Alternative building
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities
Authors Ethan
Published 2014
License CC BY-SA 4.0
Affiliations Waseda University
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Location Tokyo, Japan

A Recipe To Live is an indoor climate natural building project designed by students Masaki Ogasawara, Keisuke Tsukada and Erika Mikami of Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. The design utilizes bokashi composting of straw inside the building during the Winter. Arcylic cases of the compost are placed inside the building, yielding a temperature of 30°C for several weeks. In the Summer, panels on the outside walls allow for harvested straw to be sun dried. This also cools the building during hot weather. The building is located in a cattle farming area, which produces an abundance of straw.

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