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Engineering 535 (Engr 535), Development Technology, is a course addressing many aspects of development and development technology at Cal Poly Humboldt being taught by Meg Harper, Arne Jacobson, and Lonny Grafman in 2014.

The course is composed of three main components: Reading and responses, a semester long cookstove project and report, and a semester long O&M project.

O&M Project[edit | edit source]

In 2014, the client for the O&M project is CCAT. Here is a start to a table that will eventually be a main CCAT page that helps people find the information they need on a project fast.

Project Description/Notes Location Type
CCAT earthbag garden terrace earthbags interior, lime and clay different recipes on left, cement casing on right, sheep wool as binder Outdoor Garden
CCAT greywater marsh (current) Inactive, current water goes to Arcata Marsh Outdoor Wastewater
Brick Circle Hole Near street, part of graywater system? Outdoor Wastewater
CCAT papercrete clayslip demo wall off ground, has a roof Outdoor Architecture
Greenhouse plant starts, back wall with beachgrass-slip Outdoor Garden
Cold frames Outdoor Garden
Cobb-clay Garden Walls deteriorating Outdoor Garden
Pathways board pathways, some old concrete, and placed brick Outdoor Garden
Garden house cob oven Outdoor shelter above, green roof, demonstration cooking Outdoor Fire place
Outdoor Grill rusty grilling apparatus? Outdoor Fire place
CCAT greenshed cordwood wall Green shed Architecture
CCAT greenshed cob wall Green shed Architecture
CCAT Clay-straw slip wall Green shed Architecture
CCAT greenshed solar lighting Outdoor Photovoltaic
Food Forest permaculture, rusty sculpture, brick walkway Outdoor Garden
CCAT Compost System rope/pulley system. Outdoor Composting
Mushroom Beds Outdoor Garden
CCAT cob bench howto with shelter from rain Outdoor Garden
CCAT yurt Separate PV, new can metal roof, water-bottle lighting Outdoor Photovoltaic/ Lighting
Herb Bed Tiered, based on water need Outdoor Garden
Native Plant Restoration invasive Acacia out, constant removal of sprouts/shoots Outdoor Garden
CCAT Earthship Wall bamboo at top (harvested), sticks, tires, logs, cinderblocks (in descending order) Outdoor Architecture
Kiwi Arbor broken birdfeeder, unfinished? Outdoor Garden
Story Circle decaying and misplaced logs Outdoor ?
Interpretive Signs Upkeep/replacement over time Indoor/Outdoor Monitoring
CCAT PV system for the house Indoor/Outdoor Photovoltaic
CCAT MEOW Indoor/Outdoor Photovoltaic
CCAT rainwater catchment system first flush barrel Indoor/Outdoor Rain water
Library Organization of reference material, digitalization of the documentation and some material Indoor Organization
Seed Swapping Station Indoor ?
CCAT Wash n Flush Indoor Sanitary
CCAT CCATBox not being used Indoor Sanitary
HEIF CCAT solar hot water system for the house, data logging equipment in plumbing downstairs; tied to solar thermal heating system; Pipes, electrical components Indoor/Outdoor Heating
CCAT pedal washing machine Indoor Domestic engineering
plyboo floorboards Indoor
living room floorboards finish with beeswax + olive oil Indoor
woodstove Indoor Heating
How to make awesome thermal curtains How to wash (don't put in drier) Indoor Domestic engineering
kitchen hotbox Indoor Domestic engineering
CCAT cold box old coldbox location undesirable? exposed insulation in old coldbox space Indoor Domestic engineering
solar tubes Indoor Domestic engineering
CCAT natural concrete stain Indoor
Real linoleum floor in pantry How to repair Indoor
CCAT natural paints Indoor
CCAT sunfrost refrigerator High moisture content Indoor Domestic engineering
Stove space heater Buy dry wood, clean chimney regularly Indoor Domestic engineering
CCAT pedal sewing machine Indoor Domestic engineering
Blown Cellulose Wall Insulation upstairs walls Indoor Architecture
CCAT rocket stove Decaying Outdoor
CCAT non toxic cleaners Indoor
CCAT gravity fed drip irrigation Indoor
Clay reserves Indoor
CCAT DraftMaster Indoor
CCAT clothes drying Indoor
CCAT pedal powered TV Electric Indoor Pedal power
CCAT pedal electric blender Mechanical Indoor/Outdoor Pedal power
CCAT pedal grinder Mechanical Indoor/Outdoor Pedal power
CCAT pedal drill press Mechanical Indoor/Outdoor Pedal power
CCAT human powered belt sander Mechanical Indoor/Outdoor Pedal power
Pedal Power MEOW Electric MEOW Pedal power
CCAT Raised Garden Beds Outdoor Garden
CCAT data collection

Projects[edit | edit source]

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