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Type Cobb construction
Authors Mitra Abidi
Adam Shapiro
Location Arcata, California
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Our wall, the south facing wall, will be constructed of cob and recycled glass. We chose cob as the material to use for the south facing wall because it has a lot of thermal mass and will hopefully act as a heat battery for the workshop space. The concrete foundation of the green shed was poured to make a standard 6-inch wide wall. This is not wide enough for most earth building methods to be of much insulation value. The foundation for the walls have been widened by pieces of concrete found around town and cemented together to accommodate the thickness of a cob wall.

The frequently wet nature of our climate may present other obstacles. The water-soluble nature of many natural materials will be considered in material selection. Some methods using organic matter present the issue of rotting. The tendency of organic matter to rot in our wet climate will require the walls to "breathe" well so as to not trap moisture inside. An existing example of natural wall construction exists at CCAT: For our south wall, we have decided to use cob and lime plaster.

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Left: Mitra Abidi, Middle: Adam Channel, Right: Adam Shapiro File:before.JPG
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