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Authors Mike Greenwood
David Reber
Location Arcata, California
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The purpose of a cold box is to create a naturally controlled environment that provides short-term housing for fresh fruits and vegetables. In Arcata, the cold box works best if constructed on the northernmost wall of the home or building, due to our location in the Northern Hemisphere. The cold box is designed to take in cool air from the outdoors through a vent. The air drops through shelves of food and pushes warmer up where it exits through a top vent. The air that circulates through is not only a method of cooling the fruits and vegetables but also removes any of the odors resulting from the ripening process. Insulated walls inside the box maintain it at a cool temperature. This is a simple project that provides an energy efficient solution to a refrigerator as well as offer proper housing for fruits and vegetables which may reduce waste.

This coldbox has been adapted from an old Sun Frost refrigerator.

Temperature Data[edit | edit source]

In order to control if the cold box is properly functioning, ambient temperature, room and the temperature inside the fridge should be measured regularly.

Cooling effectiveness: Measurement conducted on 04/04/2014, 1:30 PM

Room inside temperature: 17.7 °C

Outdoor temperature: 16.4 °C

Fridge inside temperature: 13.4 °C

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Fridge (inches): Height: 6.5, Width: 26, Depth: 21

Volume: 2.05 cf. (cubic feet)

Exterior Dimensions: Height: 49.5, Width: 34.5, Depth: 27.75

Volume: 36 cf. (cubic feet)

Refrigeration: Natural cooling

Warranty: None, Self made

Insulation Material: Woolen Insulation

O&M[edit | edit source]

The operations and maintenance page may be found at CCAT Cold Box/OM.

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