At Escuela Basica in La Yuca del Naco, Sto. Dgo.

I am a Cal Poly Humboldt graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science: Energy & Climate and a minor in Appropriate Technology.

Experience in Appropriate Technology/Engineering[edit | edit source]

CCAT projects my team developed O&M materials for[edit | edit source]

  • CCAT PV system: A 2400W grid-tied solar PV system that was installed on the roof of CCAT.
  • CCAT Greenhouse: Greenhouse built with a carbon negative beach grass-slip wall with a natural clay plaster.

Appropedia Travel Internship[edit | edit source]

Listed below are the places that I have visited and the pages that I have worked on for an Appropedia travel internship.

Haiti Communitere[edit | edit source]

Haiti Communitere is a non-profit resource center located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They provide a space for organizations and communities to experiment with and learn about appropriate technologies and community development ideas. Below is a list of some of the projects that exist or have existed at Haiti Communitere.

Rancho Mastatal[edit | edit source]

Rancho Mastatal is an environmental learning and sustainable living center located in Mastatal, Costa Rica. Below is a list of some of the projects that exist or have existed at Rancho Mastatal.

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

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