The earthen rocket oven at Rancho Mastatal.

The earthen rocket oven at Rancho Mastatal was originally built as a standard earthen oven. Overtime, they decided that the cooking style of the earthen oven did not fit their needs. Quicker cooking methods were needed. Instead of deconstructing the earthen oven, they decided to reconstruct it as an earthen rocket oven using principles from the rocket stove.

Components[edit | edit source]

The table below describes the components of the earthen rocket oven.

Image Description
This is the fuel shelf where the stove is fed with locally harvested fuel from a nearby mill.
This is the cooking shelf. A constant cross-sectional area is used throughout the oven - similar to a rocket stove.
The heat travels from the fuel shelf up to the cooking shelf.
Brick chimney with a cob mortar.
Inside view of the chimney.
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