Tire Benches at Haiti Communitere.
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Location Haiti
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The tire benches at Haiti Communitere exemplify a way to turn waste material into something useful. A community in Haiti came to Haiti Communitere with a request for benches, so Haiti Communitere explored the idea of "using what you have" with them. The result was a bench made by filling tires with soil, then capping them with cement, and adding wood planks for long benches. Bottle caps also added aesthetic flourishes, and were saved from the waste stream.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The gallery below shows the various parts of the bench.

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Keywords travel internships, alternative building, upcycling, upcycling gallery
SDG SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities
Authors Dominick Triola
License CC-BY-SA-3.0
Organizations Haiti Communitere
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