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Cost USD $ 5000
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Keywords Travel internships, Earthen construction, Natural paint, Earthen plaster, Alternative building, Earthen construction, Green living
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG11 Sustainable cities and communitites
Authors Dominick Triola
Published 2014
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Affiliations Rancho Mastatal
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Location Costa Rica

The showers at Rancho Mastatal were made using natural building techniques including lime plaster, tadelakt plaster, clay paint, and mortise and tenon. They were constructed in 2007 by local, volunteer, and student labor. It took about 6 months to complete, and the final cost was approximately USD $5000.

Components[edit | edit source]

The table below describes various components of the showers.

Image Description
This shower stall was made using a tadelakt plaster technique. It is waterproof and requires no maintenance. The stall on the other side was made with a lime plaster lath that was pasted with horse hair and between small wooden strips. The walls done with the lime plaster do require regular refinishes.
Bamboo was used to support the piping and the shower head. The frame of the structure was made by connecting timber with a mortise and tenon technique.
The floor was decided to be cement, because any natural plaster would wear away too quickly with regular shower use.
The sink was made using broken tile and cement.