The Hooch bamboo house is a structure at Rancho Mastatal designed by Joe Scheer. It is made almost entirely of bamboo. The Hooch was constructed in 2003 with local and volunteer labor, and it took about a year to complete. The bamboo came from Los Diamantes in Costa Rica and was treated to force out all sap, and then finished with beeswax and oil. The total cost for the Hooch was approximately USD $5,000.

Components[edit | edit source]

The table below describes the various components of the Hooch house.

Image Description
All of the bamboo poles for the support frame meet at one base point and are anchored into the ground with cement and rebar. The bamboo's flexibility makes the structure able to withstand potentially damaging forces, like earthquakes.
The floor was made with tropical cedar, and the center-piece was made with bamboo slats. The star points north.
The ceiling was made using flattened bamboo. The bamboo was collected, cored, and slits were cut along many vertical lengths. The bamboo was then flattened into sheets. Corrugated zinc and corrugated transparent plastic roofing material were placed above the bamboo ceiling to act as a waterproof roof. The transparent plastic roofing material lets in light during the day.
This image shows where the bamboo poles meet at the center point of the roof.
The swinging door was made with timber and small bamboo pieces.
Green fabric sheets placed around the sides of the structure help keep rain out of the living spaces.

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