The earthen rocket oven at Rancho Mastatal.
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Published by Dominick Triola
Justine Cook
Published 2014
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Location Costa Rica

The biochar stove at Rancho Mastatal is used to create biochar and cook food. Biochar can be used to improve soil fertility while also sequestering carbon. Cooking with the heat produced makes the overall use of the stove more energy efficient. The biochar stove was made with paint cans, rebar, and zinc.

Components[edit | edit source]

The table below describes the components of the biochar stove.

Image Description
This image shows the three pieces of the biochar stove. On the left is the compartment where the dried wood is placed and burned. The piece in the center of the image fits on top of the wood chamber, and acts as a small chimney for air to enter and escape. The piece on the right acts as a grill, on which a pot may be placed for cooking.
When the stove is assembled a minimal amount of air enters, which allows the wood to burn at low temperatures. Low temperature burning in a low oxygen environment creates biochar through a process called pyrolysis. While the wood is burning a pot may be placed on the top grill to utilize some of the heat lost through the process.
This is what the biochar will look like after it is made. The biochar is inoculated with urine before it is added to soil.