Ubuntu blox composting toilet.
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Location Haiti
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Links https://givelove.org/
Instance of Composting toilet
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There are a few composting toilets at Haiti Communitere. The image to the right is of an Ubuntu Blox composting toilet made with support from Give Love. A bucket is placed underneath the toilet seat, and after every use some dried sugar cane shavings from a local rum factory are tossed into the bucket. Every week SOIL comes to Haiti Communitere to take the buckets of waste from them. They turn the waste into compost and sell it to farmers and gardeners. Composting toilet remedies issues of poor or non-existing sewage systems and insufficient nutrients in soil by turning a waste product into a resource. These composting toilets, along with a biodigester toilet, process all of the waste for Haiti Communitere.

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Keywords travel internships, alternative building, composting toilets, composting, toilet designs
SDG Sustainable Development Goals SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities
Authors Dominick Triola
Published 2014
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Affiliations Give Love, Haiti Communitere, SOIL
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