David Reber

Hello there!

My name is David Reber,

I am a Civil/Environmental Engineering Student at San Francisco State University. I will Graduate this May 2009 and I am job hunting. I have been very busy over the last year working with [bridgenicaragua.org BRIDGE Nicaragua] which is preparing to build a library in Morrito Nicaragua.

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Links of Interest[edit | edit source]

[bridgenicaragua.org BRIDGE Nicaragua] my main project these days and I would LOVE to have your help

http://www.ewb-international.org/ this site has links to so many amazing pages

http://www.cd3wd.com/CD3WD_40/CD3WD/index.htm is basically Appropedia's fore-runner in non wiki form. This information is probably better indexed and readable. However being book scans, it doesn't change and grow and is bound by those old fashioned ideas called copyrights.

http://web.archive.org/web/20100725094710/http://www.approvideo.org:80/blogs/ excellent list of videos to watch when you just want to veg

Recommended books[edit | edit source]

I have tried to order these by level of recommendation (most recommended at the top) but as I only post the best books I read, such an assessment is almost impossible.

  • Muhammad Yunus "Creating a World Without Poverty"
This book was totally awesome - Yunus's ideas of social businesses were new to me and I will probably bring one or two social businesses into the world in the next few years
  • Tracy Kidder "Mountains Beyond Mountains"
Follows the life of Paul Farmer who builds a medical clinic in Haiti. An excellent example of what dedication can accomplish.
  • Jeffrey Sachs "The End of Poverty"
Discussion on how public policy and international relations can be leveraged to alleviate poverty
  • Greg Mortenson "Three Cups of Tea"
The story of one man's journey through the middle east to build schools - incredible story and enough to convince anyone interested in development to avoid working in Pakistan

What I would like to see in the world by 2070[edit | edit source]

It is 2009 and I am 24. I will probably live until I am 85. This is what I would like to see in the world by the year 2070.

  • No more poverty. I need not say more.
  • Unlimited education for everyone. For as long as you would like to diligently study, you are allowed. If you are 2 years old or 80, and if you want to study anything imaginable, you should be fully supported. The free evolution of thought is of immeasurable value
  • No hate crimes. Between the rise of education and paychecks, people will increasingly come to see that we have more in common than divides us.
  • Global sustainability. Technologies and attitudes will continue to evolve in such a direction that by 2070, we give more to the earth than we take.
  • Free Health Care for everybody - another no brainer

what would you like to see?

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