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Founded 2008
Location Morrito, Nicaragua
Active No
Member of Open Sustainability Network
Impact 153

Morrito, Nicaragua, is a small fishing community on the east shore of Lake Nicaragua. It was ranked by the government of Nicaragua as the third poorest Municipality in the second poorest country in the Americas. In April 2008, community leaders met with local teachers to discuss what projects could most help Morrito, and they agreed that a new library and computer center topped the list.

After a survey trip in August 2008 and a community meeting in September, BRIDGE Nicaragua has committed to filling this need. The community has agreed to donate the land, labor, and future maintenance of the building. With the volunteer work and financial contribution of concerned Americans just like you, we will build something together which will make the world a better place.

If you have any questions, ask David.reber (talk · contribs)

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