This guide is currently a very bare bones article to help you start your own AAG. The hope is that in time, this will evolve into a comprehensive list of tips and best practices to suit individuals trying to organize an AAG in all sorts of situations. That said, your help in creating this document is greatly appreciated.

Name and Affiliation[edit | edit source]

Since AAG's are independent of one another, we don't share names. That said, there can be real benefits of affiliating with an existing group such as rotary, Doctors/Engineers Without Borders, etc. So you should give yourself a unique name or join an existing group.

Members[edit | edit source]

Members are the point of creating the organization. By collaborating with one another, we can get more done than we could have done working alone. Also, the friendships which are built in the efforts to complete the project are one of the primary motivators for participating.

Ideas for Recruiting[edit | edit source]

In general

  • You probably know one or two people willing to join you in your efforts; they make perfect victims.
  • Host events - By hosting a speaker or showing a film, you can get
  • Online Social networking sites
  • Craigslist
  • Volunteer Match
  • Idealist

At Colleges

  • Post fliers —your meetings and events won't be attended if no one knows you exist
  • Many colleges have areas where student organizations can put up a table in a highly trafficked area early in the semester.

Communication[edit | edit source]

Creating a good communication system for your specific group can be a matter of trial and effort. Still, usually, a wiki page and a mailing list are suitable.

  • Create a page here on Appropedia and add {{AAG Group}} to it to be listed as an Appropedia Action Group. You can base it on existing groups such as Engineers Without Borders San Francisco State University or come up with your own format.
  • At your meetings and events, pass around a piece of paper to collect e-mail addresses to add to your mailing list
  • Create a google group or similar for the mailing list

Project[edit | edit source]

Once you have a few members, a website and a mailing list, you are going to need a project to create a common vision and for your group to rally around. International projects are another huge motivator for forming an AAG as you get to travel to a foreign community and really get to know the individuals there and make a real impact. It is certainly more rewarding to build a library or teach in a school in a third world country than to just go back to Hawai again. We have created a page for this step.

Organization[edit | edit source]

The ultimate organization of your groups is also often a matter of trial and error but for example, your club might work like this:

  • The officers meet monthly either in person or via conference call to deal with club business
  • Monthly member meetings open to anyone interested which consist of speechifying and movies which serve to educate the public and recruit active members.
  • Other meetings - Project meetings, fundraising meetings,
  • See How to run an effective meeting for meeting tips

Suggested Officer Positions[edit | edit source]

People feel more comfortable getting more involved if they have a defined role to fill. So it's hard to create and fill too many officer positions.

  • President - Presides over officer meetings and is usually the one to deal with whatever doesn't get done
  • Vice President - Fills the president's position if he goes MIA and tends to get misc things done.
  • Treasury - Responsible for handling receipts and bank accounts.
  • Secretary/secretaries - Take notes at meetings and club functions and post them to the club wiki.
  • Special Event Coordinator(s) - In charge of facilitating monthly members' meetings.
  • Recruiter(s) - In charge of tabling and creating events that7 increase interest in the group.
  • Local Project Coordinator(s) - this person will arrange local projects.
  • International Project Coordinator(s) - Coordinates international projects
  • Fundraiser(s) - Organizes fundraising events
  • Conference facilitator(s) - Host a conference!
  • Faculty Advisor(s) - active faculty advisers ensure longevity in student organizations.

Bylaws[edit | edit source]

I hear you need these!

Raise Money[edit | edit source]

Become a non-profit[edit | edit source]

Sounds good!

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