Nicaragua Center for Community Action (NICCA) 2140 Shattuck, Box 2063 Berkeley, CA 94704 (510) 525-5497

Agua Para la Vida 2311 Webster Street (near Telegraph and Ashby) Berkeley, CA 94705 (510) 643-8003

International Development Exchange (IDEX) 827 Valencia Street, Suite 101 (between 19th and 20th Streets) San Francisco, CA 94110-1736 (415) 824-8384 (415) 824-8387

Nicaragua Network 1247 “E” Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003 Ph: (202) 544-9355 E-mail:

Witness for Peace 3628 12th Street NE. 1st Fl. Washington, DC 20017 202.547-6112 202.536.4708

El Porvenir jemerritt [at] Phone: [415] 566-3976

Seeds of Learning info [at] Carl Carter, Interim Director

Centro Latino de Educación Popular information [at] Phone: (213)483-7753

Groundwork Institute Berkeley (510) 222-4111 huckrorick [at] Phone: [707] 939-0471

Central American Resource Center - CARECEN of Los Angeles, CA Angela Sanbrano., Executive Director angela [at] Phone: 213.385.7800

Non_profit_lg Foundation For Sustainable Development FSD info [at] 415-283-4873

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