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During the coming monsoon more than 4,000 villagers in Nepal will use one of thirty two WireBridges built by EcoSystems, each day. They will attend school, get to health posts, porter goods more efficiently, and access other parts of their community more easily.

Designed at the request of the villagers, these TarPul (tar = wire, pul = bridge) are simple, low cost, light weight, quickly installed, smooth to use, nearly maintenance-free, and fabricated within Nepal.

Nepal's community governments (VDCs) can afford only about 5% of the average $15,000 cost for a TarPul.

Gifts from a few individuals, charities and government have so far made up the difference.

However, news of the TarPul is spreading. The backlog is a dilemma for the villagers: to whom can they turn for help?

If you and/or your organization want to be a Bridge-Builder with a Nepalese community, please let us know.

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