The first ever conference of the Open Sustainability Network!

This is a BarCamp style conference about free content and knowledge sharing in sustainability, international development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty. It is open to all those interested in these issues.

Proceedings[edit | edit source]

OSNCamp 2008 Proceedings (ie. notes from OSNCamp)

Where, when?[edit | edit source]

October 18-19, 2008
9am-4pm (tentative)
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave
San Francisco, CA, 94132

Saturday: Jack Adams hall, Cesar Chavez building

Sunday: Room HUM 115 in the nearby Humanities (HUM) Building. Follow the signs.

Map of San Francisco State University.
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Who should come?[edit | edit source]

Everyone interested in exploring free content and knowledge sharing in sustainability, international development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty. However, OSN is inclusive of all communities working online to improve the world, so our scope is broader than this.

Why?[edit | edit source]

Thousands of organizations and millions of people are currently working to effectively tackle a set of profound global challenges through the creation, adoption and commercialization of sustainable approaches and clean technologies. Our efforts are fragmented. It is time to promote a culture of working together while maintaining our own special niches by leveraging shared and openly licensed solutions.

This conference is organized by a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to positive social change. Appropedia is only providing the forum through which we collaborate. Join us for the first Open Sustainability Network unconference as we explore free content and knowledge sharing in sustainability, international development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty.

Why a conference?

Bring a critical mass of like-minded people in close contact for many hours to make progress, identify key initiatives and challenges, and build new relationships to continue fostering positive change in support of Open Sustainability.

Who's coming[edit | edit source]

Please see our registration page if you plan to attend

Folks to invite[edit | edit source]

Please see the Invite page for both the draft invitation wording, and (growing) list of invitees with their status.

About OSN[edit | edit source]

Open Sustainability Network arose from the desire of many like-minded people and organizations to find ways to collaborate on a shared desire for open solutions to foster sustainability. See the main article at Open Sustainability Network.

How: the format[edit | edit source]

Presentations[edit | edit source]

If you want to present, or see who is presenting, go to Open Sustainability Network Conference 2008/presentations. You don't have to tell us before the day - or even before the hour, if there's a free slot - but we like it if you did.

Registration[edit | edit source]

Please register, to guarantee your place.

Sponsorship[edit | edit source]

Sponsorship is very welcome! We are particularly looking for someone willing to cover the cost of lunch. Please contact one of the organizers, e.g. Curt, via his talk page.

Organizing[edit | edit source]

Want to help? Great! Please see Open Sustainability Network Conference 2008/planning. Or Volunteer.

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Skype - Pre-meeting of Sustainability Wikis[edit source]

For more information see this.

Comments[edit source]

  • Can you please consider actually using Open Space Technology with a real facilitator for the event - I find BarCamp style events all over the map interms of quality of space holding and I think this event deserves better then the low bar that BarCamp sets. REAL unconferences NEVER plan the schedule in advance and I see that you are already looking for presenters and plan to schedule them ahead of time. That makes it not an unconference - it is a regular conference with no jury deciding who can talk. A real unconference/barcamp the schedule is created by all participants gathering together the day of the event. Yes anyone can run a session AND the session schedule is created the day of the event. you can have a wiki page that captures peoples ideas for sessions but the actual schedule the times and space allocation is not made until the day of. Please read on the format before you think you are doing it - is a good resource. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs) 23:16, 14 September 2008
    • Thank you for the advice. Joy Keller-Weidman of Holon Consulting has offered some help around running this with Open Space Technology. Please let me know if we are interested in her assistance. Thanks, --Lonny 17:52, 14 September 2008 (PDT)
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