Many volunteers will be needed for and in advance of OSNCon! We're still seeking volunteers to coordinate and plan for volunteers!

We are looking for help in these areas:

  • Help in advance of the conference
    • Planning lunch (this includes finding a lunch sponsor)
    • Designing t-shirt, managing the printing and ordering (this needs to be done asap)
    • going through our invite list and inviting people and organizations
      • Developing help on accommodations and alternatives
      • carpool support?
      • suggesting useful resources for an SF-based conference
  • Help at the conference itself
    • Volunteers to help attendees generally ("volunteer concierges")
    • Help with lunch logistics
    • Help with t-shirts
    • Help accepting donations to support

Please Contact Us if you are able to chip in to make OSNCon 2008 a success! Thank you!

Planning[edit | edit source]

Right now we are doing a lot of planning regarding the logistics of the conference, and you can help out by chiming in there.

Sign up![edit | edit source]

Add your name here (this is far from a complete list, but it's a good place to sign up and let everyone know you're keen to help! Feel free to email as well if you have questions.):

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