Do you know an affordable and convenient place to stay? Please add it here!

We'll help as we can with accommodation.

Where should you stay[edit | edit source]

Transit options...

Easy to get there from...

Spare beds, sofas, floors[edit | edit source]

Add yourself, with your details, under the relevant heading:

This information is offered as a service. Please use commonsense and take your own precautions.

Offered: Maybe: Scott_A - at his parents, out in Hercules, CA. If I go, there'll be at least 2 beds and 2 couches available for fellow travelers. Depending on traffic, it might take ~1hr to get to the venue from here.,-122.426147&spn=0.676455,1.400757&z=10&iwloc=addr

Of course, you can always check out CouchSurfing if other offers don't materialize. (Allow a few days if possible - very short notice is harder for finding a place.)


Youth hostels[edit | edit source]

If in SF: About $20 - David.reber (talk · contribs) recommends though it can be a little noisy at night.

We could probably book several 6 person rooms specifically for attendees, so put your name down here if you're interested in this.

Hotels[edit | edit source]

Can we get sponsorship from a hotel chain in the form of generous room discounts? (If there are relatively green hotels or hotel chains near the site, that will be our first port of call. If they're less green, we can maybe help move them in that direction.) - maybe next time...

Hotels start at $120 in SF if we can't get any discounts.

Michael and I have a hotel room down by the airport. And we rented a car. Used hotwire and got much less than $120/night rate. We could give rides to others in that area. NurtureGirl 18:43, 16 October 2008 (UTC)

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