An OSNCamp is an informal gathering of people interested in the Open Sustainability Network.

They may be in the form of a BarCamp, a participatory conference with an emphasis on freedom and networking. Shorter events, called MiniBarCamps (up to half a day) are possible as the next OSN events.

Future events[edit | edit source]

Future events depend on interest, but here are some ideas for late 2008/early 2009:

  • A possible mini BarCamp in late 2008 (after the 13th?) (This would be an informal half day or evening gathering);
  • There is talk of a more serious event in early 2009.
  • OSNCamp East Coast - Boston, or somewhere in the North Eastern USA.
  • OSNCamp California. Probably in the Bay Area again. A lot of people didn't find out about the last one, and would be very interested in attending a new one, perhaps 6 months after the first? (This would be mid-April 2009).
  • OSNCamp SoCal - Southern California. (Alexander Tran is interested).

Past events[edit | edit source]

Discussion[View | Edit]

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