A screenshot of the CCAT kiosk.

This category houses projects at the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology that are still in use. The general category for CCAT has projects that are no longer in existence and also includes concept papers.

Any page with Category:CCAT active project are also automatically added to the CCAT kiosk.

Instruction[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this category are multifold:

  1. pages in this category inform visitors of which projects are still working
  2. pages in this category auto-populate the CCAT kiosk
  3. pages in this category may auto-populate a web accessible version of the kiosk.

The automatic inclusion of pages relies on a few standards:

  • Add Category:CCAT active project to the bottom of any active CCAT project page.
  • On any active CCAT project page, make sure that there is a section titled Overview. This content of that section is automatically included into the CCAT kiosk.
    • If there is no section titled Overview, it will look for one titled Abstract.
    • If there is neither a section titled Overview nor Abstract, the kiosk will automatically include the first paragraph from the page.
  • On any active CCAT project page, make sure that there is an image that contains alt=main image in the image code. See this example code:
    [[File:CCATlogo.png|thumb|center|CCAT's logo]]
    Which produces:
    CCAT's logo
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