CCAT/OM project instructions

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Click edit, then copy and paste the following into your own Projectpage/OM. Adapt the content to your own. Keep the section titles and probably the very first sentence the same (except for actual project name). Also <!-- are hidden comments that we should leave in to inform future editors.

This is the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manual for CCAT project name. Please refer to it and keep it up to date with any O&M changes.

Operation[edit | edit source]

This is how to operate. It should have a brief introduction and very useful images with labels. Also it may work best for your project to use the step by step how to template {{How to}}. See #Troubleshooting for an example.

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Introduce this maintenance section.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

This is when to maintain what.

  • A daily task
  • A daily task
  • a weekly task
  • a weekly task
  • a monthly task
  • a monthly task
  • a yearly task
  • a yearly task
Every __ years
  • task
  • task

Instructions[edit | edit source]

This is how to maintain. The step by step how to template {{How to}} is most likely best for this part.

How to Do Something:

Backpack frame bike trailer
Do something.
Aleiha's parabolic solar cooker
Do something really complicated but made simple, etc.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

This is only how to troubleshoot basic operation. For complex issues, the solution might just say contact ________. It should be a table in this format:

Problem Suggestion
Example issue Example solution or suggestion
Does not turn on Make sure it is plugged in
Another issue Et cetera

Suggestions for future changes[edit | edit source]

This is where to lay out suggestions for how to make the project function better in the future.