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CCAT greenhouse

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main image
Inside the CCAT greenhouse.

The CCAT greenhouse is a prefabricated model from Sturdi-Built which is a greenhouse manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon. The CCAT greenhouse is a lean-to Garden Sun Room model frame and glazing. It is supported by a freestanding beach grass and clay slip wall. The frame of the greenhouse is made from Clear All Heart grade redwood that is resistant to decay.[1] The glazing in the greenhouse is of various types. The glass in the roof and door is tempered safety glass and the wall glass is standard lapped glass.[2] The redwood beams of the roof are also designed to channel condensation down to the side of the wall and to drain spouts to keep water off of gardeners.[3] Ventilation of the greenhouse structure comes from three sources. Cooler air is allowed to circulate in through the ground level, low wall, screened vent panels. In addition there are the mid wall slat vents called Jalousie Windows. Hot, moist air is allowed to escape through the roof vents to control temperature and humidity. These are the key factors in greenhouse success.[4] These vents are the most crucial and are operated by solar powered Bayliss MK7 vent openers. These openers contain a wax that expands as temperature rises inside the greenhouse, causing them to extend and open the roof vents and allowing warm air to escape due to convection. Typically, greenhouses are heated with a small heater during the cold months of the year. However, given Arcata’s mild weather and the thermal mass of the beach grass clay slip wall, no additional heating source is used in the CCAT greenhouse.

Next steps[edit]

Maintain the greenhouse structure and wall.




The operations and maintenance page may be found at CCAT greenhouse/OM.