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MEG HARPER[edit | edit source]

I am currently a student in the Environmental Resources Departmentat Cal Poly Humboldt.

The following are examples of my work from Engineering 215: Intro to Design during the Fall of 2008:

A memo: Memo for Section 5

A Gantt chart:Gantt chart

An Excel spreadsheet:Expenses

A CAD drawing:Locking Mechanisms CAD

A design report: Final Document

All of these documents are related to our design project in which we partnered with the Full Belly Project to create a Universal Nut Sheller that could be marketable in the United States. These documents are all collaborative efforts created by Team Shell Shock: Jessica Clayburn, Rowan Beckensten, Shira Wedemeyer and myself. To see more about this project, visit our project site on Appropedia:FBP Nutsy

If you are interested in my past work or would like to contact me, take a gander at my resume: Meg's Resume