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Yorkshire and the Humber

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Sustainability initiatives[edit]


Frack Free East Yorkshire, Coalition of Groups Opposed to Extreme Energy - Tidal campaigning group that works to support, coordinate and grow global activism in Leeds


Low Impact Living Affordable Community, based in Bramley, West Leeds

Local sustainability initiatives[edit]

Please see our local or city pages via the Yorkshire and the Humber category, where of course you can share any more information you may have about local sustainability initiatives.

Initiatives by topic[edit]


Friends of Skipwith Common - Rivelin Valley Conservation Group - Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - Yorkshire Nature Triangle

Climate action[edit]

Community currencies activism[edit]


Community energy[edit]

York Community Energy

Community involvement[edit]

Leeds Climate Change Citizens’ Jury[edit]

Commissioned by the Leeds Climate Commission in 2019, the Citizens’ Jury recruited 25 randomly selected citizens over nine sessions to answer the question ‘What should Leeds do about the emergency of climate change?’

An oversight panel of key stakeholders met to ensure the recruitment process was fair and robust and to agree which ‘commentators’ should present evidence to the jury.

The twelve strong oversight panel included representation from The City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and Extinction Rebellion.

The citizens' jury commenced on 12 September 2019 and will run for a total of 30 hours over nine sessions, ending on 3 November. [1]

Other links[edit]

Community safety[edit]

Cycling activism[edit]

Hull UTravelActive

Education for sustainability[edit]

Ecoversity, University of Bradford

Environment quality[edit]

Care4Air, South Yorskshire Clean Air Campaign

Food activism[edit]

Community Allotment Growing Newsome - Community orchard Growing Newsome - Incredible Edible Todmorden (Community group), Todmorden’s edible green route, on urbanpollinators.co.uk - Incredible Edible Wakefield - The Real Junk Food Project - theshipleyfoodproject


Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle[edit]

Social inclusion[edit]

Sustainable transport activism[edit]

i-Travel York, (iTY) programme to encourage greater use of sustainable and active modes of travel (walking, cycling, public transport, car-sharing and eco-driving).

Wikipedia: Leeds, Walking

Towards sustainable economies[edit]


This Mutual Aid Network aims to create a chain reaction that goes back into communities. It meshes a thriving timebank with 600 members and the Hull Coin initiative, the City of Culture's 2017 nomination, which is currently mobilizing 4,000 volunteers.

"When I started the TimeBank back in 2010, I saw it as the solution to everything," says Kate Macdonald. "I realized in time that it is 'one' solution and that to have a viable parallel economy, we need different options which have strengths to use in different circumstances. When I heard Stephanie speak about Mutual Aid Networks a couple of years ago, I realized this had been what I had been looking for. What is often missed is a mechanism to join things up." [2]

Trees, woodland and forest[edit]

South Yorkshire Forest, a partnership initiative of the twelve Community Forests in England. The project was started in 1991. It is a project that aims to create attractive landscapes in the South Yorkshire area through improvement and regeneration of woodlands, wetlands, farmland, meadows, industrial sites and residential areas. W

News and comment[edit]


Dec 31 York to ban private car journeys from city centre within three years [3]

Buttermere and Crummock Water.jpg

Nov 11 Environment quality UK: Flood defences simply aren't good enough – here’s what needs to be done [4]

Scarborough Council declares Climate Emergency in first major step to combat global warming, Jan 8 [5]


Incredible Edible: Yorkshire town's food-growing scheme takes root worldwide, May 9 [6]

HullCoin: The social experiment that's rewarding good deeds, Jan 30 [7]

New push to make England's longest cycle tunnel a reality, Jan 1 [8]


Skipton boat carnival.jpg

Yes, This Is Britain’s Happiest Place. (It Looks Beautiful in the Rain.) Nov 13 [9]

The English City With Its Own Cryptocurrency: Q&A With the Founders of HullCoin, Oct 23 [10]

200,000 trees to be planted to cut Calder Valley flood risk, Feb 24 [11]


Hull’s first closed-road cycle circuit gathers pace, Nov 28 [12]

Soil and soul: ‘Leeds is the perfect combination of rural and urban’, Oct 28 [13]

UK flooding: How a town in Yorkshire worked with nature to stay dry, January 2 [14]


Barnsley to launch landmark solar energy initiative, August 27 [15]

Bradford tackles blocked sewers with pioneering fats-to-fuel scheme, August 26 [16]

Pioneering Grimsby energy project takes vital step, August 24 [17]


How to create happy communities through co-housing, November 21 [18]

Can York's bid to become a poverty-free city succeed? July 16 [19]

Leeds city council's radical step to give more power to the people, June 30 [20]

Hullcoin: The World’s First Local Government Cryptocurrency? March 30 [21]


10 Steps Toward an Incredible Edible Town, Dec 3


Upper Calder Valley Plain Speaker



May 5 Calder Bootstrap 2017, "a group of entrepreneurs, co-operators, activists and changemakers, looking to engage our community to co-create our next economy."


Citizens data initiative[edit]

Who Owns My Neighbourhood?, Kirklees land ownership data

Community resources[edit]

Leeds Community Homes


Local communities in Yorkshire and the Humber[edit]

Interwiki links[edit]

Wikipedia: Yorkshire and the Humber



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