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  • The world’s first rewilding centre has opened in Scotland, (Apr 17, 2023)

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Community action projects[edit | edit source]

  • Rewilding projects which have community involvement.

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SCOTLAND: The world's first Rewilding Nation?
Authors: The Scottish Rewilding Alliance, Feb 17, 2021

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Cairngorms Connect: A Wild Landscape in the Making
Authors: Cairngorms Connect, Jul 20, 2021

Cairngorms Connect has a 200-year vision, to restore woodland to its natural limit, including high altitude montane woodlands; restore blanket bog and forest bogs, and restore natural processes to river floodplains. These restoration projects are intended to deliver benefits to people: reducing flood-risk, storing carbon, and providing homes for wildlife, as well as great places for people to visit. W

Video[edit | edit source]

Authors: SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, Jul 23, 2021

Trees for Life is a registered charity working to rewild the Scottish Highlands.

The Caledonian Forest once covered a large area of the Highlands of Scotland as extensive stands of majestic Scots pine, interspersed with birch, rowan, juniper and aspen trees, but is now reduced to about 2% of its former extent. Through planting native species of trees, removing non-native species and fencing seedlings to protect them from overgrazing by deer and sheep, Trees for Life aims to help the natural regeneration of the forest. Its long-term goal is to create a fully restored, healthy ecosystem, with the reintroduction of missing species of wildlife, such as the beaver, wild boar, lynx and wolf.

The vast majority of its work is carried out by volunteers. By engaging people from diverse backgrounds, it aims to achieve a powerful and educational experience that will promote the work of restoration to wider audiences and lead to increased support for the return of the forest and its species.

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Argaty Beaver Release
Authors: SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, Dec 3, 2021

Vast area of Scottish Highlands to be rewilded in ambitious 30-year project, Sep 24[1]

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