The Future We Deserve[edit | edit source]

100 essays about the future[edit | edit source]

TheFWD Introduction
Foreword - Shaun Chamberlin
Without Divine Justice, Human Rights - Gaia Marcus
Gods or Goats - David Jennings
A 'Playbour' of Love for the Next Twenty Years - Pat Kane
Untitled, 2010 - Maria Elvorith
We Deserve A Future Of Good Governance - Patri Friedman and Brad Taylor
The World Needs Wives - Zoe Lee
The Food We Deserve - Christopher Brewster
Rediscovering the Stuff We Forgot to Remember - Joe Turner
Reclaiming Awesome - Emma Bryn-Jones
Panarchy - Paul B Hartzog
On the Future We Deserve… - Antonio Dias
There is No Future - Eleanor Saitta
This is Mental. - Rohan Gunatillake
Monastech - Nathan Rosquist
The Futures We Deserve or, Even Bankers Might Have Uses - Edmund Harriss
Memes that Kill - Thomas Bjelkeman
The Tiny Army - Vinay Gupta
A Four-Bladed Scissors - Arthur Doohan
One in Six, a Strategy for Reduction - Glenn Hall
Of Arms and the Man - James Hester
A Knowing World - Chris Watkins
A Picture, a Person, a Time and a Location - Thomas Bjelkeman
Decline and Fall - Tom Stafford
We Deserve to Evolve - Sam Rose
The Knowledge and Action Platform - Mark Roest
The Joy of Open - Erik Moeller
6 Ways to Live - Chris Malins
Solar Photovoltaic Energy Replication - Joshua Pearce
The Future We Deserve or The Future We Desire - John Byfield
Zombies and Vampires, Oh My! - Antonio Dias
The Future of Information Freedom - Smári McCarthy
My Vision of the Future - Otis Funkmeyer
The Matter of Place - Catherine Lupton
The Locavores’ War: A History of America’s Future - Frank J. Popper
A World in Common - The Socialist Party of Great Britain
The Story Our Children Will Tell - Curtis Faith
The Abolition of Scarcity - Kevin Carson
Cities of Freedom Chariots or Four-wheeled Demons? - Cindy Frewen Wuellner PhD, FAIA
A Healthy and Smiling Planet - Anil Prasad
The Future We Deserve and the Earth Charter - Jeffrey Newman
Sex and Singularity in the 21st Century - Julian Powell
The Feet We Deserve - Steve Wheeler
...middle... - Nick Taylor
If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together. And If You Want to Transform..? - Shaun Chamberlin
Just 4, A Macroscale Social Model - Woody Evans
Open Source Appropriate Technology - Joshua Pearce
Who Will Save Our Souls? - Thembisa Cochrane
Art Monasticism - Nathan Rosquist
Personal Futures and Futures Therapy - Jessica Charlesworth
Deep Lessons - Alan Chapman
Semantic Organization and Connectivity - Anne McCrossan
The Education We Deserve - Pamela Mclean
Moving Towards a Post Penal Society - Anton Shelupanov
A Future Without Childhood - Julia Macintosh
Online Open Distance Learning - Anil Prasad
The Future of Television - Glenn Hall
Citizen Centred Participation - Phil Green
The Future We Got–Earth Date Zero Plus Twenty - Pamela Mclean
The Onion and the Satellite - Lucas Gonzalez
Ode to the Tech Fix - Chris Malins
Deserving The Future We Want - Eldan Goldenberg
Re-envisioning Our Relationship With Micro-Organisms - Brian Degger
The Spaces We Deserve - Dougald Hine
The Age of Warlords Cookbook - Michael Swifte
Using Science Locally - Ian Simmons
Seed Saving for Local Food Security - Lisa Erwin
Challenging Education and the "Harry Potter Letter" - Edmund Harriss
Credibility and Calories, A Perspective on Information - Woody Evans
The Future of Programming - Andy Broomfield
Higher Education for the Future We Deserve - Lisa Erwin
A Systemic Revolution, or, the Need for a Post-Scientific Approach - Andy Novocin
An Ideal World - Paola Di Maio
My Ideal Panflu - Lucas Gonzalez
Report on the Planet Earth from the Intergalactic Study Group on Worlds in Transition - Gary Alexander
A Hypothetical Vision of What the Property Sector in the Future Might Look Like - Bonnie O. Wong
The Future is Here - Kenneth Lo
Hacking Society and a Proposal for Beta Towns - Andy Broomfield
The Age of Phlight - Lionel Wolberger
Designing the Future - David Braden
Collaboration for Introverts or, How to Make Friends and Tolerate People - Steve Wheeler and Alex Fradera
Hundreds of Sovereign Singapores - Jon Southurst
Working Together: Unleashing Collective Intelligence - Fabio Barone
Clash for Civilization - Arthur Doohan
Seawater into Food - Thomas Bjelkeman
Collapsarithmetic - Chris Malins
Our Future and the Sun - Vinay Gupta
Bootleg Oil - Al Razi Masri
Time For Resilient Tribes to Step Up and Show the Way - Kuldeep Brar
The Music We Deserve - Allen Wentz
All the World's a Stage - Alex Fradera
Success in the Twenty First Century - Mark Charmer
On Lying to Children - Peep
We Deserve the Time and Space to Be Human - Alex Bowyer
Opening the Floodgates - Ben Werdmuller von Elgg
The Future of Art - Nick Stewart
The Human Rite of Living - Bembo Davies
No Island is an Island - Lucas Gonzalez
Getting The Future We Deserve - Paul Graham Raven
Berlin, Berlin - Liam Breslin
We Deserve a Future - Jason Louv
Aftermath - Thinking the Unthinkable. Asking What is Not Asked - Thomas Bjelkeman