My proposal for the planet is Distributive Enterprise.

A distributive enterprise is an enterprise which maintains the replication of such an enterprise by others at the core of its operational strategy - and which also dogfoods its products as a means of taking accountability for the usefulness of distributing its products. The goal is to promote true distribution of wealth - as the most direct route to creating economic systems beyond artificial scarcity.

In summary, a Distributive Enterprise

  • Distributes its business model openly
  • Dogfoods its products
  • Strives for addressing pressing world issues by removing artificial material scarcity

Our preferred business model is collaborative development of product design, whereby each participant can receive fruits of such collaboration by engaging in real production. The goal is that we truly remove material constraints from determining the well-being of humans, as production is no longer an issue of control and power.

See more information under Distributive Enterprise on the Open Source Ecology wiki.

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