Open Stewardship, Inclusion in it's many varieties Open Stewardship and Respect for Work

Open and Layered Stewardship

Arriving at the Glue Pattern

We now understand unenclosability as it relates to a plurality of interdependent commons. In the early Internet era, the Openness meme steadily gained credibility, but the layeredness of it's many applications remained to be spelled out and connected in a new whole: (open) access, architecture, currencies, data, government, hardware, identity, knowledge, media, platforms, protocols, source code, spectrum and standards proponents contended with each other for attention and primacy. The Open Stewardship model achieved the first great synthesis on this front. How did this occur? One must acknowledge that the timing was right and that this was an emergent phenomenon. Indeed, many aspects were already bearing independent fruit that needed only to be connected as a patterned whole.

Glue Patterns and Connecting the Dots

Function - Focus - Locus

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