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Vinay Gupta[edit | edit source]

Hexayurt Project,, @leashless

  • Put links to your ideas about what you're going to write about on the line below your name. Either link to a blog post or a google doc, or make a new Appropedia page with the prefix thefwd_ on it, like on the line below. Add {{TheFWD header}} to the top of your page.
  • leashless the future of poverty - a condensation of
  • leashless The Tiny Army
  • leashless Our Future and the Sun

Joe Simpson[edit | edit source],

  • JoeSimpson - transport

Thomas Bjelkeman[edit | edit source],

  • Bjelkeman - Seawater into food (draft v1 Done)
  • Bjelkeman - A picture, a person, a time and a location * A Picture, a person, a time, a location *
  • Bjelkeman - Thinking the unthinkable. Asking what is not asked. (draft v1 Done) This may be suitable as an introduction to Vinay Gupta, which I could envisage would be a useful preface to the book.
  • Bjelkeman - Memes that kill (draft v1 Done>
  • Bjelkeman - Transparent governance

Eleanor Saitta[edit | edit source],

  • dymaxion

Alex Bowyer[edit | edit source],

  • alexbfree - intelligent agents

Paul Graham Raven[edit | edit source],

  • PaulGrahamRaven

Edmund Harriss[edit | edit source],

Gelada - Future Education|Challenging Education and the "Harry Potter Letter" (22/8/10 Version 4 Done)

  • Gelada - Diversity|The futures we deserve or why even bankers might have uses (14/9/10 Version 1)

Paul B. Hartzog[edit | edit source] paulbhartzog on panarchy

Sam Rose[edit | edit source]

http// SamRose

Richard C Adler[edit | edit source]


  • RichardCAdler

Lucas Gonzalez[edit | edit source]

http//, LucasG at appropedia, @lucasgonzalez

  • lucasgonzalez No island is an island Relative physical isolation gives some clues to standing on our feet while being part of the world. (draft v1 Done)
  • lucasgonzalez My ideal panflu Pandemics happen and some are bad, so what do we do. (draft v1 Done)
  • lucasgonzalez The onion and the satellite Health-care systems. (draft v1 Being done)

Andy Broomfield[edit | edit source]


  • andybroomfield The future of programming - I'm happy to call this done
  • andybroomfield hacking society Hacking Society - Might need a few more amends, but deadlines...

Allen Wentz[edit | edit source]


  • allenwentz

Woody Evans[edit | edit source]


  • woodyevans - on values of knowledge - "Credibility and Calories" (draft v2 Done)
  • Second Essay: "4". woodyevans 4 (draft v2 Done)

Antonio Dias[edit | edit source]

Horizons of Significance, @antoniodiasri

  • First Essay: antoniodiasri Zombies and Vampires Oh My
  • Second Essay: antoniodiasri On the Future We Deserve

Bret Weinstein[edit | edit source]

  • BretWeinstein Adaptive governance. Evolutionary novelty and human wellbeing.

James Hester[edit | edit source],

  • dharmabum23 - Of Arms and the Man (Draft 1 Done)

Julia Macintosh[edit | edit source]

  • cricket7642 - a future without childhood

Phil Green[edit | edit source]

Sustainable Community Action,

  • Phil Green - Citizen centred participation (draft v1 Done)

Joshua Pearce[edit | edit source],

  • Joshua Pearce - Solar Photovoltaic Energy Replication--Solar Photovoltaic Energy Replication: A sustainable solar powered society for all is our future. (Draft 1 - Done)
  • Joshua Pearce - OSAT -- Open Source Appropriate Technology (Draft 1 - Done)

Shaun Chamberlin[edit | edit source],

  • darkoptimism

Maria Elvorith[edit | edit source]


  • mariaelvorith - Illustrating the FWD

Dougald Hine[edit | edit source],

  • dougald * the spaces we deserve *

Frank J[edit | edit source]

. Popper,,

  • FJPopper - HE'S THE BUFFALO COMMONS GUY. OH MY GOD. (@leashless, starstruck)

Kevin Carson[edit | edit source]

  • Kevin Carson * The Abolition of Scarcity *

Smári McCarthy[edit | edit source], @smarimc

  • smarimc - "information freedom" (draft v1, pending update) and "ending scarcity".

Marcin Jakubowski[edit | edit source]

  • marcin ose - The Resilient Community Construction Set

Patri Friedman[edit | edit source],

  • patrissimo

Ian Simmons[edit | edit source]

  • IanSimmons - we know not what. also editorial wizardly.

Anton Shelupanov[edit | edit source],

  • antonsh - the future of justice and the end of incarceration

Jerry Michalski[edit | edit source],

  • jerrymichalski

Dan McQuillan[edit | edit source],

  • danmcquillan

David Steven[edit | edit source],

  • davidsteven - In Praise of Insubordination

Julian Powell[edit | edit source],

  • julianpowell

Jessica Charlesworth[edit | edit source],

  • jessginger - Personal Futures and Futures Therapy

LaRahna Hughes[edit | edit source],

  • larahna - Social Tech and Convertible Communities

Anne McCrossan[edit | edit source],

  • Annemcx - Semantic organization and connectivity

Emma Bryn[edit | edit source]

Joe Turner[edit | edit source]

  • JTurner - rediscovering the stuff we forgot to remember

Chris Malins[edit | edit source]

  • BlueChris 6 ways to live
  • BlueChris Ode to the tech fix
  • BlueChris Collapsarithmetic

Eldan Goldenberg[edit | edit source],

  • eldang - Getting The Future We Want

Brian Degger[edit | edit source],

  • briandegger - Re-envisioning our relationship with Micro-Organisms (questions)

PDM[edit | edit source]

Lisa Erwin[edit | edit source]

  • InKyDo Community seed saving for local food security
  • InKyDo Higher Education for the Future We Deserve

Andy Novocin[edit | edit source],

  • AndyNovocin - A Systemic Revolution or The need for a post-scientific approach" (Draft 1)

Benbo Davies[edit | edit source]

  • BemboDavies - The Human Rite of Living

Nathan Rosquist[edit | edit source]


  • Nathan Rosquist Art Monasticism
  • Nathan Rosquist Monastech

Lucy Wills[edit | edit source]


  • re present open source/creativity and the need for horse and animal power.

Daren Forsyth[edit | edit source]


  • DarenBBC

Rohan Gunatillake[edit | edit source]


  • rohan 21awake - this is mental

Alan Chapman[edit | edit source]


  • alan chapman * Deep Lessons *

Arthur Doohan[edit | edit source]

  • artied - Clash of Civilizations
  • artied 4blades - Four-bladed Scissors

Otis Funkmeyer[edit | edit source],

  • otisfunkmeyer - My Vision of the Future

Cindy Frewen Wuellner[edit | edit source]


  • urbanverse the forgetful city, a future scenario

Tom Stafford[edit | edit source]


  • tomstafford

Nick Taylor[edit | edit source]


  • ikostar

David Jennings[edit | edit source]


  • davidjennings

Catherine Lupton[edit | edit source]


  • catlupton The Matter of Place

Jeffrey Newman[edit | edit source]


  • JeffreyNewman

Ben Werdmuller von Elgg[edit | edit source]


  • benwerd - Opening the floodgates

Glenn Hall[edit | edit source]


  • skirrid The Future of Television The television we deserve
  • Glenn Hall *One in Six: A strategy for reduction*

Zoe Lee[edit | edit source]

  • Zoe Lee The world needs wives

Thembisa Cochrane[edit | edit source]

  • Thembisa Cochrane Who will save our souls?

Jon Southurst[edit | edit source]


  • south  Hundreds of Sovereign Singapores

Lionel Wolberger[edit | edit source]


David Braden[edit | edit source]


  • Designing the Future Designing the future is about how the parts fit together.

Bonnie Wong[edit | edit source]

Look Up, Look Around blog @BonnieOWong

  • BonnieOWong * The Future of Real Estate *

Kuldeep Brar[edit | edit source],

  • missybrar

Mark Roest[edit | edit source]

  • FWD Knowledge and Action Platform Potential elements and uses of a global knowledge & action platform for the future we all deserve

Pat Kane[edit | edit source]

  • theplayethic

Mark Charmer[edit | edit source],

  • charmermark

Chris Watkins[edit | edit source]

@appropedia @appropedia on a better, open source microblog site. @chriswaterguy @chriswaterguy (open source).

  • Chris Watkins - A Knowing World (draft)

Erik Moeller[edit | edit source]

  • The Joy of Open

Pamela Mclean[edit | edit source], @pamela_mclean

  • pamela_mclean
  • pamela_mclean The Education We Deserve

The Socialist Party of Great Britain[edit | edit source]

  • Socialist Party of Great Britain - A World in Common

Fabio Barone[edit | edit source]


  • fabio_barone Working together - unleashing collective intelligence

Anil Prasad[edit | edit source],

  • Healthy and smiling PLANET
  • Online ODL; a promise for the future

Kenneth Lo[edit | edit source], @connectxnature, @kennethlo

  • kenlo - The Future is Here

Alex Fradera[edit | edit source], @alexfradera

  • alex fradera - all the world's a stage

Steve Wheeler[edit | edit source]


  • steve wheeler - The Feet We Deserve
  • steve wheeler and alex fradera - Collaboration for Introverts,or, How to Make Friends and Tolerate People

Gary Alexander[edit | edit source]


  • Gary Alexander - Report on the Planet Earth from the Intergalactic Study Group on Worlds in Transition

Gaia Marcus[edit | edit source]

  • Gaia
  • Gaia and networks

Michael Swifte[edit | edit source],

  • empathiser The Age of Warlords Cookbook

Liam Breslin[edit | edit source]

  • Liam Breslin Berlin Berlin

Michael Maranda[edit | edit source],

  • Michael Maranda - Open Stewardship

John Byfield[edit | edit source]

  • John Byfield

Nick Stewart[edit | edit source]

  • Nick Stewart

Kelley Smith[edit | edit source]

  • Let's Rethink Specialization
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