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Me ...[edit]



  • Lucas Gonzalez SC (dots not spaces, at gmail com)
  • Twitter: @lucasgonzalez


  • A lifetime in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), now I live in Scotland.
  • Professional: MD (medical doctor), PhD, epidemiology in public health, flu surveillance (sentinel network, software), severe pandemic planning.
  • Data science (300+ hours, not a unicorn, can work with others):
  • Work in other areas: tools for cooperative and creative thinking (including mindmaps) where I translated 2000 pages into Spanish & taught 1000 teachers. Translations (including subtitles of videos, done cooperatively). Permaculture (including emergency permaculture). Music (guitar, composition, arrangement), see & Blog in English:


  • Lucas Gonzalez SC (puntos, no espacios, en gmail punto com)
  • Tenerife, Canarias, España + Dumfreis, Escocia, Reino Unido
  • Twitter: @imacan pero mejor @lucasgonzalez
  • Bitácora:

... and some stuff I've done[edit]

Resilience, pandemics, Ebola[edit]

  • PandemicFluGame is a new project. Let's see what it would look like!
  • (link to was broken so now the files are hosted in resiliencemaps itself - good license!)
  • Ebola is a broad view on how to use appropriate tech for Ebola, and Excubator is a specific concept to explore a different type of hazmat suit.

Canaripedia & Localpedia[edit]

Permaculture, Food etc[edit]

Pieces for The Future We Deserve[edit]

For The FWD I wrote 3 pieces:


For Hexayurt I've done some scale models:

Also, helped with some how-tos:

  • Camp Danger Hexayurt Hinge Technique: high quality videos for a smart refinement. Probably useful for many other light-panel hexayurt designs.
  • Plywood: there's plywood everywhere. Harder to build than light-panel hexayurts, but maybe the panels are more widely available. A how-to is a must for this kind of hexayurt, so please help make a better documentation.
  • H 13: The standard "classic" hexayurt uses 12 panels. One extra panel and you get 66% extra standing room. Can use "foldable" ideas if built with light panels.
  • Pup_Hexayurt I contributed the image for the panel pictured on the side.

Finally, I translated Pais_Hexayurt, which is about Haiti but may also be applicable to other settings.


Software (outside epidemiological work)[edit]

  • Slides.bas was a piece of software I wrote to explain medicine, last-year examples to a first-year student. First written in applesoft, I ported it into ms-basic.
  • I wrote a musical keyboard program in assembler for the 6502. Yes, that's the apple II.
  • SOLE is a simple outline editor. Wants to be like Maxthink (only free, multiplatform and multilanguage) when it grows up.

Music and Videos[edit]

Older version of this page[edit] has older version of this page, with some examples I have yet to port to this main page.