Inspirations and Guidance[edit | edit source]

  • Pieces should be short - 500 words is ideal, 800 max. Pieces will be hypertext objects, with links to more information on every page. Pick one thing and make a little jewel box that describes it. Remember you can do more than one piece.
  • We will group pieces into patterns together. The brief is loose to see what is out there, what great wonders people have to show. Order and sense will be made in the sequencing, and possibly additional pieces used to frame sets of pieces.
  • seven thousand einsteins is about the right length (500 words) and nicely illustrates one central idea, but it's more chatty than I would have written it for the book. (you can be as chatty as you like) @leashless
  • Hexayurt Project in a Nutshell is too long and doesn't get down to the core fast enough. @leashless
  • With enough eyes: On Criticism Gives a philosophy of criticism to help make this project far more than the sum of its parts. @gelada

Collaborators[edit | edit source]

See TheFWD submissions to see this section with the pieces. Formatting will be rough.

(hit "Edit" and add yourself to the list - just copy the line at the bottom and add your details!)

When you are ready to submit your piece, click on the link below your name and paste your piece into the edit window that appears.

(hit "Edit" and add yourself to the list)

Navigation[edit | edit source]

The Shape of the Book[edit | edit source]

  • Idea One: 100 short essays (< 1000 words?, 500-800 words)
  • Idea Two: 99 short essays, and one long piece about 1/3 of the length of the whole pulling together a coherent vision from the parts - I like this one!

Features[edit | edit source]

  • GFDL or similar license
  • POD or short print run demanding on shape of demand
  • Could be the first of a series
  • Web site which has each essay in the book, and some kind of network for navigating between the essays, as well as (critically) connecting with the authors to Make Things Happen
  • Openness to projects documenting themselves as book entries
  • Translation of as much content and into as many languages as the internet smartcrowd allows

FAQ[edit | edit source]

The unapproved FAQ can be found on the discussions page. Eventually the official FAQ will be moved here.

List of articles[edit | edit source]

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