This page features some recent videos about, by and for CANs or Citizens Action networks. In date order most recent at the top, over time building a timeline. A companion page features CAN support video. Many other inspiring videos are embedded on both place and topic pages throughout CASwiki.

Latin America
US and Canada
Nashulai Equator Prize #NatureforProsperity
Authors: Nashulai Maasai Conservancy, Oct 2, 2020

Kenya community action

ERC - Camp Habiba Community (Sinai, Egypt)
Authors: Ecosystem Restoration Camps, Mar 4, 2020

Egypt community action

Authors: Mofwoofoo, Jul 26, 2022

Ecuador community action

Dr. Arturo Massol - Adjuntas Pueblo Solar Update
Authors: ACESA, Oct 8, 2020

Puerto Rico community action

Regenerative Agriculture at Chambalabamba
Authors: Utopia Cornucopia, May 11, 2020

Ecuador community action

Xom Bac Cau self-sufficient community centre Hanoi, Vietnam
Authors: Chasing The Sun Moments, Nov 2, 2020

Vietnam community action

Transition Town Kinsale celebrate their 10th birthday
Authors: TransitionTowns, Nov 23, 2015

Ireland community action

BEES coop supermarket
Authors: Quentin Crespel, Sep 29, 2015

Brussels community action

early Future democracy project, undated, Spain community action

Meet Local Social
Authors: Community Catalysts, Jun 22, 2022

Hertfordshire community action

Authors: Coalville CAN, May 23, 2022

Leicestershire community action

East Marsh Community
Authors: Ethex, Mar 8, 2022

Yorkshire and the Humber community action

More video:

Community resources

Climate action

Future democracy

Mutual aid

  • Sept 13, 2021, Springfield Beech Hill Gidlow CommUnity - Funding Edit, Digital Finch, Resources Manchester

Cities and urban sustainability

Housing and land

Eco Villages Australia Intro
Authors: Eco Villages Australia, Jun 18, 2020
The Story of the Mountain Mutual Aid Network
Authors: Mountain Mutual Aid Network, Jun 28, 2021
The Mountain Aid Experience
Authors: ThisIsThis Video, Aug 19, 2020

"Every Friday morning the Mountain Communities Mutual Aid network provides food boxes for over 100 local households in Southern California's San Jacinto Mountains."

The Ithaca EcoVillage: A Community Life
Authors: Thrive Ithaca EcoVillage Education Center, Aug 11, 2020

New York State community action

More video:

  • Apr 20, 2016, British Columbia, Integrated Sustainable Living on Vancouver Island
  • Feb 25, 2015, Long Beach, We Love Long Beach - Connecting Neighbors One Block at a Time

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