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  • News The powerful municipalism operating in Naples and Barcelona has concrete lessons for community power in the UK, Daily Alternative (Mar 19, 2024)

February 2024[edit | edit source]

  • News The Scottish Gaelic concept of Dúthchas urges that people and nature are deeply entangled. Let it guide the path to land reform, Daily Alternative (Feb 25, 2024)
  • News A Socio-Politics For Our Times, Alternative Editorial (Feb 11, 2024)
  • News How do you make a global citizens movement? Like bees to flowers, connect across profoundly different realities, says Jose Ramos, Daily Alternative (Feb 11, 2024)

January 2024[edit | edit source]

  • News "Just Transformations" shows grassroots movements for alternative futures arising across the planet, Daily Alternative (Jan 14, 2024)

July 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News This Global Tapestry Of Alternatives is building across all continents, a step-by-step “network of networks”, The Daily Alternative (Jul 14, 2023)

June 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News A CAN at work... Look at the convening of energy and initiative going on in the Plymouth Octopus Newsletter, The Daily Alternative (Jun 06, 2023)

May 2023[edit | edit source]

April 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News Northern Heartlands are a CAN that helps communities story their past, present and future, so they can act with confidence and power, The Daily Alternative (Apr 19, 2023)

January 2023[edit | edit source]

  • News If a community builds its “imagination infrastructure”, asks Cassie Robinson, what materials does it need? And what ambitions does it raise?, The Daily Alternative (Jan 02, 2023)

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