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including ways of working. A better world of work is possible. Yes we CAN (get to) a better world of work?
4th sector stuff? New kinds of livelihoods? Writing you own job description?

"danger of a growing split between those that get paid through funding and the volunteers they rely upon to get things done" - Are there ways of working which counteract this? eg at a very basic level are there ways promoting inclusion through the provision of at least expenses for volunteers and unpaid activists, eg getting to and taking part in gatherings, so as a minimum, any travel and subsistence expenses, and is this practice widespread?

Working on for example, food and food distribution projects, transport projects and all aspects of a local economic system

something like transforming our relationship with, recognition, and valuing of unpaid work

suggested refs:[1]

Inspiring quotes[edit | edit source]

"Working for the earth is not a way to get rich, it is a way to be rich." Paul Hawken[2]

"All of it must begin with the 'whole'. When we open ourselves awe returns. This will get us out of the oppression of work. We need to return to nature rather than trying to master it. Our inner work is also community work. Schumacher: "We can each of us work to put our own inner houses in order". We should look at the inner houses of all the communities in which we live. We can do this through ritual and other forms of art. Part of it is letting go, particularly of self-pity. We need to move from a cynical society to a possible society. Business has the potential to lead the change. There is so much work needing to be done." Matthew Fox "Environmentalism can't succeed until it confronts the destructive nature of modern work - and supplants it." Curtis White[3]

"Unpaid work (parenting, growing food for family and community needs, maintaining households, volunteering in community service, do-it-yourself home and community construction, and repair projects) is estimated as some 50 % of all production in OECD countries and 60 to 65 percent in developing countries." Hazel Henderson

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Notes and References

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  3. The Ecology of Work by Curtis White, Published in the May/June 2007 issue of Orion magazine
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