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Inquiry invites your dream of the future creatively.

The same 100 (following on from the Friendly) are now invited to dream together. With careful and creative facilitation participants are invited to imagine a future they can look forward to. This includes addressing the arrival of artificial intelligence, automation and data driven social control. The inquiry is likely to be a series of gatherings that move from imaginariums to community mapping exercises where participants can use their local knowledge to suggest how improvement can be made.

Instead of trying to fix the current problems arising out of the old system, participants re-imagine a future they could look forward to for their community. Something they could invest their efforts into, find their belonging in. In some ways, it is a way of bringing their collective yearning into focus.[1]


  • work with the same group (not rigidly), moving into a space of inquiry. This is not unlike a People's Assembly but with the hard edge of knowing you will move into Action after.
  • How do you see your community today?
  • How would you like to see your community in 2030?
Avoid the rabbit holes of fixing the current system. Or imagining you have to start from scratch: many of the building blocks will already be present in the space. This is a place for shared imagining. Work full days at all levels:
constellation work, mapping, technology, theatre, dance, re-imagining, storytelling, open space, games, and improvising… the full tool box. What is being imagined frames the CAN. What is needed to bring it about is in the CAN.

The inquiry does not attempt to fix all the current problems which keep us in thrall to our powerlessness. We are not the council. Instead it starts as a dream space, facilitated by creatives and relational coaching.

  • Always keep in mind the three aspects of personal, social and planetary needs and desires.
  • After getting a 'feel' for the future, there could be more mapping solutions onto the community
  • You may need several gatherings to feel the vision is materializing as actionable projects
  • Range of ideas can stretch from doable without money, to high investment projects
  • Remember the mix of people in the room. We don't start from scratch


  1. Alternative Editorial: Mastering Overwhelm, Sep 1, 2019
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