This page features some recent videos about, by or for theme-based CANs or Citizens Action networks, and support organisations or initiatives. In date order most recent at the top over time building a timeline. A companion page features place based-CAN videos, Communities CAN video. Many other inspiring videos are embedded on both place and topic pages throughout CASwiki.

CAN support by place[edit | edit source]

Latin America
Le Korsa and The Albers Foundation in Senegal 2021
Authors: Le Korsa, Dec 7, 2021

Senegal community action

Regenerative Projects of SINAL - Legendas português
Authors: Sinal do Vale, Feb 22, 2018

Brazil community action

Neighbourhood Network - Maria
Authors: Neighbourhood Network, May 27, 2020

Ireland community action

Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas - Mapping and co-producing citizen initiatives
Authors: Cooperative City, May 20, 2017

Madrid community action

The Way We Do Things Around Here
Authors: Kirklees Democracy, Jul 5, 2022

Yorkshire and the Humber community action

The Torbay Way
Authors: Torbay Community Development Trust, Mar 22, 2022

Devon community action

We're Right Here (subtitled)
Authors: We're Right Here, November 22, 2021

Community involvement UK

More video:

Community Power Agency - Full length video about us
Authors: Community Power Agency, Jul 18, 2019

Australia community action

Community Action Pioneer Valley - 2021 Impact Week
Authors: David Jeffway, Jun 3, 2021

Massachusetts community action

Welcome to Thrive Ithaca!
Authors: Thrive Ithaca EcoVillage Education Center, Jul 19, 2020
Repair the World NYC x Good for Nothing NYC
Authors: Good for Nothing NYC, December 25, 2015

Resources New York City

CAN support by theme[edit | edit source]

Climate action
Future democracy
Ecosystem restoration
New economy
Climate Emergency Centres V5
Authors: Climate Emergency Centres, Jun 18, 2021

Climate emergency centres

Why Trust the People?
Authors: Trust The People, Jun 18, 2021

Community involvement UK resources

Welcome to the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Movement
Authors: Ecosystem Restoration Camps, Mar 17, 2021

Ecosystem restoration camps

Excerpt: What is the Preston Model?
Authors: The Laura Flanders Show, Jun 26, 2018

Manchester community action

Existing networks, organisations or initiatives[edit | edit source]

Discurso de Ada Colau en el Fearless Cities
Authors: Barcelona en Comú, Jul 22, 2021
We are the Movement for Community-Led Development
Authors: WomenThriveAlliance, Oct 7, 2016
Celebrating the 2015 Transition Network International Conference
Authors: TransitionTowns, Nov 3, 2015

Social tech[edit | edit source]

How we like to get stuff done
Authors: Good for Nothing, 2012

Notes and References

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