Towards a CAN of CANs. The Alternative Global Co-Creator community has begun the early work of generating the CAN of CANs – a global eco-system of these cosmolocal communities (connecting I-We-World) that bring with them the knowledge we need for better forms of global governance. Imagine if everyone one of us could be part of a deeply connected, generative CAN in our own community - a container which was itself part of a global CAN of CANs telling a whole new story about our global civilization going into the future.[1]

Cosmo-local communities reconnected to planet[edit | edit source]

CANS connect people directly to the planet.

Firstly by providing access to the best solutions that are being prototyped all over the world..

Secondly by reconnecting people to the land they live on – the source of their resilience and flourishing,

Thirdly though connecting CANs to CANs globally, The fractal growth of people waking up to their conditions, connecting to themselves and to each other, building new local economies – is unprecedented.

Cosmo-localization describes the process of bringing together our globally distributed knowledge and design commons with the high-to-low tech capacity for localized production. It is based on the ethical premise, drawing from cosmopolitanism, that people and communities should be universally empowered with the heritage of human ingenuity that allow them to more effectively create livelihoods and solve problems in their local environments, and that, reciprocally, local production and innovation should support the wellbeing of our planetary commons.[2] see also: Yes, we CAN, on the Alternative Global

Notes and references

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