Drafting content to start a Hylo group[edit source]

Below is a sort of tailored checklist to help content creation for a Hylo group. Ref: hylozoic.gitbook.io/hylo/guides

  • Name of group: Alternative Co-creators, Other options: Alternative Global Co-creators, Alternative Global CANs. Yes we CAN, ...
  • Image: banner type?
  • Purpose: Cosmo-local communities reconnected to planet
  • About the group / Intro Text:
CANS connect people directly to the planet.
Firstly by providing access to the best solutions that are being prototyped all over the world..
Secondly by reconnecting people to the land they live on – the source of their resilience and flourishing,
Thirdly though connecting CANs to CANs globally, The fractal growth of people waking up to their conditions, connecting to themselves and to each other, building new local economies – is unprecedented. (ref?)

In more detail, the work that we are naming at The Alternative Global as needing to be developed urgently.

1. The development of a tool box and methodology for CANs. This is not simply community organising, but cosmolocalism. Connecting I to We to World as a new form of energy, or life force. Doing this well creates soft power - the force of attraction.

2. Interconnectivity between CANs globally. This is a technical but also deeply narrative challenge. The rewards are a radical sharing, not only of intelligence but also belonging. When this global network becomes visible, people everywhere will have an alternative to choose.

3. A new media system. This arises directly out of the news agenda of 1 and 2. Capable of joining up the dots and translating its appeal to the world." refs: Alternative Editorial: We're Doing The Work, 8 December 2022, thealternative.org.uk; CANwiki

  • Visibility, public, protected, or hidden: Public
  • Access, open, restricted, or closed: Open, but note in About or pinned welcome re to join calls go through co-create page on The Alternative (+ link)
  • Child groups: Initially perhaps rely on topics (see below) but as numbers grow begin child groups (to be restricted, see above)
  • Related groups: on Hylo, CAN wiki (group doesn't exist yet), CASwiki (group doesn't exist yet), Appropedia (very little content so far), see also Tasks below
  • Moderators: Phil, Maria (?)
  • Questions for people wanting to join: na
  • Questions for groups wanting to join: na
  • Welcomed pinned post:
  • Questions:
  • Topics: operate like tags, Yes we CAN, Future being, Parallel Polis, New Media, CAN of CANs, Cosmolocal

About the group[edit source]

  • Video: about the group, later?

Tasks[edit source]

  • draft content for about / join (Hylo group) eg for CASwiki / CAN wiki, see below
  • cocreate values, etc, see below
  • cocreate wiki page on cosmolocalism
  • building relationships with other groups
  • contributing to platform development eg via Build Hylo group

Values, etc[edit source]

Ref: PHA (Planetary Health Alliance) material (link?)

  • note on Tasks, as opportunities to help only

Other ideas for content[edit source]

  • weekly featured video

Philralph (talk) 15:18, 16 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Drafting content for an About / Join the Online Co-creators Community page[edit source]

model / ref: About the PHA Online Members Community
Philralph (talk) 12:48, 14 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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