Yes we CAN enable, connect, collaborate, and catalyse a network sharing between communities, organizations and government.

Thinking about the wider world of citizen and community action, do any processes or ways of working that we use, provide opportunity for citizens and community groups to involve themselves not only in any deliberative and participatory process itself but also in the design (sometimes seen as pre-design) of the process?

Yes we CAN devise ways of working which include this.

An example of an increasingly popular and promising involvement process is Citizens' assemblies, including climate assemblies, about which questions such as the above can and perhaps need to be asked.

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We Make Our Places What They Are
Authors: Kirklees Democracy, Oct 13, 2021

Yorkshire and the Humber community action

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"One of the things that we saw during the pilots, is that citizens realise how hard it is to build consensus and, furthermore, how hard it is to try to create a policy that fits all. How can this change democracy? It facilitates the understanding of how complex consensus, decision and policy-making are, how long it takes...

Democracy cannot longer be a 'thing' that we do once every x amount of years. You get good at being democratic the more often you practice it. Civic technologies are organised around participation, therefore granting the opportunity to get more experience, to assess different points of view, to build arguments, to accept we don't know everything. Moreover, a grass-roots collection of data creates a very different landscape and understanding of cities by the citizens, at the very least this is why we feel it is worth doing." Mara Balestrini[1]

"It's time to swim perpendicular to the tide, time to become a real citizen, and time to practice democracy like my life depends on it, because it does." Neal Gorenflo[2]

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