Where 100 of the widest possible mix of citizens - including the usual suspects - have a great evening together. Free food and drink, music / theatre, games or carefully facilitated provocative questions to be answered in twos and threes.

We invite people into a community space we call the Friendly. It has diversity, not only of identity but also of agency – from entrepreneurs to activists or those widely excluded from society. 100 – 150 is a good number.

These spaces are a-political, in that there is no party agenda, tackling issues. It's a space for relationship making and trust building. The tools are more creative, facilitatory, aimed at enjoyment and emotional resonance. Creating memorable experiences that are visceral rather than intellectual. This is where developing strength in community begins.[1]


  • Design an event that everyone you've met through deep hanging out, would feel welcome at. This may not be a conversation up front. Ideally free food and drink. Invite artists – music, dance, theatre etc – to create and run an event that would help people to find emotional equilibrium with each other. Through shared experience – eg from witnessing a remarkable piece of theatre, humour, magic – weave surprising bonds of trust.

Extensive and beautifully illustrated report: What happened at our Plymouth "Friendly" last week?, June 2018


  1. Alternative Editorial: Mastering Overwhelm, Sep 1, 2019 thealternative.org.uk
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